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Welcome to the Surface Blog

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Welcome to the new Surface Blog! I’m pumped for the team to have this new space to share information with you as we continue to tell the stories behind what makes Surface such an amazing family of products. We’ll tell our stories and share the latest Surface news. I’m also excited to have some of my colleagues share the hard work they’ve put into creating a family of devices and accessories that continue to help you have both fun and get more done. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the behind-the-scenes stories of how Surface came to be and you can meet some of the folks that helped it be what it is today.


The journey to bring Surface Windows 8 Pro to youis almost complete.

For Surface Pro, you’re going to love the 1080p ClearType display that we’ve created. It is amazingly bright with super high contrast that brings both text and photos to life in ways that are spectacular. With the sharpness of the screen and the thin optically bonded cover glass, it allows for a transformative pen experience. You can take notes in Microsoft OneNote, edit documents in Microsoft Word, and draw amazing pictures using apps like SketchBook Expresswith Surface Pro’s pen. It’s a fantastic experience I hope each of you gets to try. The power and speed of Intel’s Core i5 processor, coupled with the detailed engineering design from our Pro team, really brings you the power and performance of a laptop PC, all in a tablet package. I’m excited to watch folks use this device in the flexible way it was meant to be used. Download and install all your favorite Windows 7 desktop apps, and use all the great new Windows Store apps. Surface Pro is the perfect big brother to Surface RT which gives you all day fun with the ability to get more done.

Lots of people are talking about Surface Pro today. There’s been a lot of great feedback in the early reviews and our team has definitely taken note of what folks are saying:

“The Surface Pro is an important idea, almost a new category, and it will be the right machine for a lot of people. It strikes a spot on the size/weight/speed/software spectrum that no machine has ever struck.” –David Pogue, New York Times

“It’s incredibly portable and incredibly powerful at the same time, and the stellar build quality only gets more impressive the more you examine it. Have you actually snapped a keyboard on one of these things? It really is amazing.” –Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro

“I’ve been a Surface Pro user for a few weeks now, and what I have found is that it is the best articulation of Microsoft’s vision for Windows 8 and how the PC and tablet experiences can meld on one device.” –Michael Gartenberg, Gartner Analyst, Computerworld

And I am a huge fan of both Surface Windows 8 Pro and Surface Windows RT! While Surface Pro and Surface RT share much of the same DNA, Surface RT is sleek and simple whereas Surface Pro is powerful and flexible. Surface Pro is perfect for the person or business that wants a laptop and a tablet, but doesn’t want the weight or hassle of both. If you’re looking for all-day battery life and an entertainment-first experience with the ability to still get some work done – Surface RT is for you. Both also have the same great Start screen experience with live tiles showing my favorite apps from the Windows Store.

We have a great network of retailers where you can pick up Surface RT, Surface Pro from Feb. 9th, as well as a whole host of accessories. It will be very cool to watch people decide which product suits them best. With the latest updates to Surface RT and the power and speed of the Surface Pro, the product line up is in an exciting place.

We’ve also had tons of inquiries as for the timing of more countries for both Surface RT and Pro. We are continuously working on the timing and dates for expanded release. We’ll update you in the coming weeks.

I take pride when I see folks out using their Surface. I want to know how you use yours and what you’ve found beneficial. It would be sweet if you could share stories on @Surface, Surface Facebook, and the Blog. For more details on Surface Pro and Surface RT, visit Surface.com. For more information on Windows 8 and Windows RT, visit the Windows Blog.

Look for more from me here on February 9th!

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  • After three weeks post launch, I was finally able to get a Surface Pro 12 in Tampa Florida.  An excellent first attempt that I am proud to own.  I do have ideas to consider;

    1.  Place a small rubber-like bead near around the edge of the active portion of the display that will instantaneously let the user know in a tactile way, he/she is about to activate/violate the display erroneously, while allowing a better grip.  Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved, Dale S. Dervin.

    2.  Place similar rubber-like points or strips located on the back in an with relation to ergonamic, finger spacing to better facilitate grip while protecting the back.Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved, Dale S. Dervin.

    3.  Redesign the magnetic power plug so that the internal portion is more easily drawn into it's receiver, as it already must be done by feel alone due to the beveled shape of the Surface Pro edges.  Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved, Dale S. Dervin.

    4.  Incorporate a cable lock port to allow a cable lock to dissuade theft.  Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved, Dale S. Dervin

  • Hello, would love to see a 2 for 1 deal on hsn, qvc, and shop nbc. That way parent and fam could use..... Please !!!

    Great idea, or pair the RT with the pro....

  • I managed to get a Surface Pro the day they came on sale.  But Future Shop didn't have any of the accessories.   I was going to order some of the accessories from the MS store today but I just realized a few things.  First the Type cover isn't in stock.   And the adaptor to adapt it to a monitor is hdmi to vga.  What moron engineer thought that up? Lets take a Digital signal and convert it to an analog signal.

    The Display Port to VGA adaptor is meant for those using Surface Pro to be able to connect to second display that only offers a VGA connection.

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    If you do not like it, take it back and continue using your IPad.

  • tajones
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    Love the Surface Pro. Was lucky enough to snag one (128GB) of February 9th. Only disappointment so far is how system manages interaction when hooked up to an external monitor via the mini-display port. When attached to external monitor, and when surface goes into sleep mode, when waking the screen often goes into a spastic fit of shaking blur that sometimes corrects itself after a few seconds or often does not correct itself. At that point have to force a shutdown & reboot. Then all well again...I am suspicious that MS pushed product out without the external display mode fully vetted for issues?

    T Jones

    I have the same issue. No need to reboot. Simply disconnect the external monitor adapter from the Surface and then reconnect it a few seconds later. That usually fixes the issue for me. Hope it works for you as well.


  • tonyman262
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    Hi Folks

    I have 2 Surface RTs (wife & mother, both just content consumers), and 2 Surface Pro units (my daughter & me).

    One thing that is needed is a decent portable CD/DVD burner or BD burner. It seems like a no brainer but remember both the Pro & the RT only have a single USB port and so far all but one of the portable optical drives I researched so far connects via a Y cable (needing to USB ports).

    Has anyone found a portable optical drive that works well with the Surface tablets?

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    You can use the one with the Y Connector, you'll just need to use a mini powered USB hub with it or with a USB power adapter using mini-usb to full usb adapter.  I have a Toshiba PA3438U-1CD2 that does use only a single connection for data/power and it works fine.  The BD Burner and the newer fast DVD burners pull alot of power for burning a disk and need the extra power.

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    One more note... USB 3.0 does allow for more amperage than USB 2.0, so you could try the DVD burner with Y connector, but use ony the primary connection and not accessory power conenciton of the Y ot see if it works.  If not, no harm... it won't power up.

    I use the LG Slim Portable DVD Writer. It works fine on the one connector even though the cord is a Y (for those machines that do not offer enough juice.)

    As suggested above, a powered USB hub should solve the issue for more power thirsty blueray external drives.

  • rocko107
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    I got lucky yesterday and picked up a Surface Pro 128 from The Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem,NH. They just got restocked so if anyone is within driving distance you might want to give them a ring.

    I can honestly say I can't remember a time where I have been more excited about an electronic product. Like a lot of folks I'm an iPad user(ipad 2 64gig). It has been a great travel companion but I have trouble using as a serious business tool. What the majority of the blogging and critic community miss is the fact that not all interface functions are better using "touch", for many operation with my iPad I simply wish I could use a mouse, mostly when sitting down and trying to do business email for more than 20 minutes at a time. I absolutely love the face that the Surface is a the first dual mode product that really works in its form factor. the iPad was the first tabled but it was the first that really felt like it worked as technology caught up to the earlier ideas of others...the Surface Pro's are much the same, they are not a new idea but the first product and OS that really makes the idea work. I bought mine so I could loose the i5 based Dell laptop and iPad and supporting accessories from my backpack when traveling(weekly). I'll free up a good 5 pounds in my bag. It doesn't sound like much but its like loosing a small hand weight.

    So far I find no issue with the screen size when used the system as a traditional laptop. Yes its a hint small but its very sharp and easy to read. I've installed Office 2013 and after a few configuration options to my liking I am flying through Outlook emails as fast as I would on my desktop. Kudos to the MS design team. I've gone through several different option keyboards for my iPad and all were either compromised in feel or compromised in convenience. The MS Type cover is positively amazing. so small, light and convenient that the Surface will never be without it, yet I can type as fast as I can on my desktop PC(which I just upgraded to Win 8 and an SSD drive)

    Microrsoft, whether you know it or not you have a serious disruptive product on your hands if you can only get the word out in a way the consumer will understand. I wish you and the product luck. I would love to see some more support from developers on native apps. Outside of that I have little to complain about. There are always things we wish be had more of...more batter life, more ram, more SSD drive space, more ports... but I am real, as a version 1 product of its type this product is awesome right out of the box. Well done.

  • luke83
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    Im sure this post has between Bob & no hope of being read by anybody who has any influence within MS but regardless i'd just like to say how poor the marketing and distribution for this product has been from day 1 of announcment. I live in the UK and everyday have a quick look to see if there is any info about a release or price of the surface pro outside the 4 walls of the U.S and to be quite honest I think today may be the last time I waste my time bothering. The whole will they?/wont they? game is something I used to enjoy on christmas morning when I was 5 but as an adult in his 30's I prefer the idea of being told where, when, and how much I can buy the things I want. Get a grip MS as this whole sorry story is turning into a Joke!!!

  • Gavin
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    Noticing that no new blogs now for 7 days... any update on when we'll make announcement for Surface availability in UK/Ireland?

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    Microsoft cant satisfy their home demand, and we're asking for UK launch? They cant handle their home demand how they gonna handle Rest of the worlds demand. Went into a currys and they said one month. I hope thats not true.

  • So far loving the Surface Pro Guys, I had owned an RT before and this is ten times better.  Battery takes a little getting used to but so far no issues.  I sold my iPad 4, no joke.  I love Apple and find myself very satisfied with their products but the iPad 4 was just going to sit around since I'm always on the Surface.  I did a quick review of my Surface check it out  www.youtube.com/watch  let me know if you have any questions.  

  • Wow, 5 days and not a word from the jerks that run this place.

    don't  think these jerks are replying... it's simply a blog for users...

  • Rhyder
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    I, too, had a far, far less than satisfactory experience on opening night at the Best Buy at Union Square, NYC, that involved a blizzard, a cancelled Microsoft event (notification of which was a note on Best Buy's front door), minimum product (I did get two 128s only because I was first through the door), a trudge through the snow the following morning to another BB and a Microsoft store to get two type keyboards, a power supply, a wedge mouse, and two styli.

    Three days later, having completed about 90% of setting the machine up to my absurdly exacting liking, here's all I have to say: The Surface Pro is a truly astonishing, groundbreaking, and wonderful machine ... and, if I needed to, I'd walk through another blizzard to get another one!

    In my opinion (and I've penned some 30-odd books on using computers), Mossberg, et. al., did not spend enough time with the machine before printing the review. The learning curve of the Surface Pro is acceptably steeper than that of an out of the box PC.

    Last words: My iPads (2, ,3, and Mini) are on eBay.

  • Why do I need a separate login for the blog?  I already have a Microsoft account.  But I couldn't sign into the blog with that.

  • cb651
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    I am impatient, so I opted for the Surface RT as soon as it came out instead of waiting for so very long for the Surface Pro. It appears even now with supply shortages that Pro isn't even available now. Not knocking the Pro, but I am convinced my decision to go with the RT was definitely the right one. (Made my wallet happy too.)

  • Keith
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    Is Microsoft having problems getting products to UPS for delivery?  UPS does not have my Surface Pro that I ordered online.  They can't deliver it until Microsoft gets it to them.  

  • sullylax
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    MSFT's "release" of the SurfacePro 128gb is a joke.  It is the first product in years that had me ready to trade in my macbook air and my ipad....but to launch the product with no availability--just to be able to say it was "sold out" is absurd.  i'll stick with a long line at apple when new products are released--at least you'll be rewarded for you patience.