Surface Pro: Available now

Surface Pro: Available now

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Today is an exciting day for the growing Surface family: Surface Pro is here!

Surface Windows 8 Pro 64gb is available online or from store shelves at all Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. and Canada, at Staples and Best Buyin the United States and from Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada. Customer response to the launch of Surface Pro has been amazing. We’re working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible. Our priority is to ensure that every customer gets their new Surface Pro as soon as possible.


Surface Pro gives you the power and performance of an Intel Core-powered PC in a tablet package. Whether you’re a road warrior looking for the one device to pack or you’re looking for a PC that will get the job done and still help you have fun, this is the device for you.

To go along with your new Surface Pro, you can also pick up a new Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition and three new Touch Cover Limited Editionsin red, magenta, and cyan which will be available in all markets where Surface is currently sold. Starting today, you can buy a new 64GB standalone version of Surface Windows RT so you can choose a Touch (or Type) Cover of your choice – like one of the Touch Cover Limited Editions I just mentioned!

I’m also excited that as of next Thursday there’ll be 13 more countries in Europe joining the Surface family. On February 14th, we’ll be bringing Surface RT to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Surface RT and Surface Pro represent countless hours of research, prototyping, experimenting and building an amazing product that really is the ideal stage for Windows 8. Our hope is to share with you here through our blog some of that work in the coming weeks!

Now with the Surface family, you can decide which device best suits your needs. Whether you’re a business professional who needs to use Photoshop while you’re traveling to make edits to a picture, or a blogger wanting a simple and seamless way to update your blog, there’s a Surface for you. Surface Pro, which provides the power and performance of a laptop in a tablet package, is great for taking notes with its pen while you’re sitting in on a meeting and responding quickly to emails while using your Touch Cover (or Type Cover!) keyboard. Surface RT offers the convenience of a tablet with some laptop capabilities. It really is about entertainment first as a tablet with all day battery life all in a package that’s super lightweight.

Well, since I’ve spent some time sharing with you the exciting qualities about Surface Pro, I’m eager for you to get your hands on one. So stop by one of the above mentioned retail stores and check one out for yourself! Oh, and one more thing don’t forget to get yourself a Limited Edition Touch Cover before they’re all gone!

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  • All surface users: Could you all please take a few seconds and help me out with a couple of questions about the Surface for one of my projects. Thank you!

  • Chapseuy
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    Does Surface Pro supports WiDi?

  • gorpboy
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    Went to a local Best Buy and they had the 128GB Pro.  They then proceeded to sell me on a $200 warranty.  One week later, went to a Microsoft store that just received the 128.  After they offered me a warranty, nylon case, installed screen protector and Office 365 Home Premium for $200, plus threw in a one-inch thick book on Windows 8, THEN gave me an hour of training and another free hour of training later - I bought the thing and returned the other one to Best Buy.

    Microsoft, you should know that your retail partners are doing a crap job of selling these devices.  When I bought the one at Best Buy, I was excited just to have one.  After the subsequent experience at the MS store, I was completely smitten with the thing.  Panos, you need to know this - your retail stores are doing an outstanding job, but the retail partners have to follow a similar set of rules.  It actually restored my faith in MS as a cool company, and the retail experience went well beyond Best Buy, and any Apple store I have ever been in.

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    Recieved one from my local best buy.  After reading your post I wish there was an MS store in the area.

    It is a great device.

  • It'd be nice to see some information on availability in the rest of the world? This article claims that the Pro would be available in Ireland a fortnight ago, yet it doesn't show in the Microsoft Store website yet? There doesn't yet appear to be a planned release in the UK either?

  • Duane
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    I was hoping that maybe this weekend things would turn around.  Apparently my local Best Buy has a 'drop shipment' enroute direct from Microsoft, but that's been almost a week now.  So far my local store has recieved 7 or 8 in total.  The first microsoft empolyee to contact me will get a thousand dollars, pending availability.

  • jay
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    i have a tip :  if you are holding the surface for a prolonged period of time,  you can flip the kickstand open and hold the tablet by putting your hands under the kickstand ,  it sort of gives you a nice grip and prevents it from sliding off  your hands

  • jay
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    by the way ,  this is for steve ballmer,  FYI , staples and best buy have done the poorest possible job in merchandising and marketing the surface , it is almost as if they did not want to carry it.  i guess microsoft will have to rely more on the MS stores and Online stores.  Also

  • jay
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    i have to say , i have been waiting six months for this device and supply shortages and all ... it was worth waiting for it.  best tablet in the market ! no question about it. and as far as storage capacity  is concerned,  128gb , plus micro sd , plus USB , plus skydrive ... how much more would you want !..  , now i can really use a tablet for something more than playing games !

  • zach
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    All I am going to say is that the surface pro is worth the wait.

    I was lucky enough to get a 128 GB  and I love it. My desktop and my Ipad have been collecting dust since Saturday.

    I got mine from BestBuy and then went to  to register the device and buy the 2-year complete protection (it will be $149.99 if you don't buy the surface from the MS store).

  • John
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    To Panos and Microsoft,

    I am done playing this game. Move over MS, Samsung ATIV SMART PC is going to be my move today. It's the same in regards to hardware spec wise, infact it has a 11" screen and 3G/4G.

    I have been waiting for your release for 6+ months, but now I see it has all been a waste of time.

    Gave you the past Saturday to redeem your BS launch, that you have self acclaimed as being so successful, what a farce. Vista was a bad launch but it was still more successful than this.  

    Maybe you should start listening to your consumers when they are screaming (although it shouldn't have gotten this bad), if you listened since the RT release, you would have noted that bigger capacity like the 128GB was criticial to the success of this release.  I was disappointed to begin with when you announced that the 3G/4G was not going to be on this model, scaling back on that feature makes me really wonder what else you scaled back on, and I am doubtful that this will be a quality product like you orignally stated back in August. Especially if you are only now rushing production to meet demand.

    Good thing Steve B. has your backs, cause if you were my employees I would have fired the whole lot of you for this embarassment, good idea or not.  For those of you on this blog, I hope the wait is worth it, has far as I'm concerned I spent way too much time waiting for something that may or may not make it's self present and time is money.

    Just waiting for the next BS statement where they tell us that they are coming to stores this Saturday or next Saturday, Or next month...Whatever...Done with it...Done.

    I would suggest contacting a  MS customer service rep and seek a solution?  During the RT launch I received prompt responses to my concerns (I live in rural Alaska and shipping was a challenge) and MS did the right thing. If your note above said something like:

    "My plans for both personal and business use of your new Surface Pro tablet have been put on hold and have cost me both money and time.  I would like a verbal response at this _________number answering when a device will be available for purchase. I would like to continue to use MS products, please make my next purchase decision and easy one. "

    In any case, I hope you enjoy whichever device you choose.  I have 4 Surface RT's that have been  bullet proof (I have three kids).  They are reliable, easy to use and flexible to meet all of our needs.  I am considering purchasing the pro version primarily because my family is always using the RT's.

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    Thanks alaskanjackson :) Certainly past that point of calling them..

    I did exactly what I said I would do, unlike some MS people we know.

    I got a Samsung ATIV S PC pro, and it's awesome :) Took my name off the waiting lists.

    Anyone know how to close this surface blog account? I am no longer interested, if i wanted a crack pipe dream, i'd pick up the habit.

  • davwin05
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    I was able to get my hands on the Surface Pro 128GB version today and to keep it short, I'm extremely excited about opening it up. My original plan was to purchase it at the MS Store but unfortunately I, like many others, have been waitlisted with no indication as to when I would be able to purchase the product.  With that said, I pulled the trigger at Best Buy and was lucky enough to receive their last one (at the particular location).

    Now, I would love to purchase the 2yr protection plan that the MS store offers, but in speaking to the store manager, s/he was unable to accommodate the request.  If I had the option of actually purchasing the Surface at the MS Store, then I would have and also purchased the protection plan alongside it. like I mentioned earlier, there is still no clear indication on when I would have been able to receive the item.

    These are special circumstances.  The product MS offers protection for is clearly unavailable for purchase.   I had the option to purchase the item from Best Buy and I did.  I wanted to purchase MS protection plan for $99.99 but was denied.  Is it ok for MS to deny a protection plan on a product that they cannot currently deliver to customers? What do you think?

  • RichB
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    Well after the disappointment over not getting a 128 Surface Pro Saturday I put my name on a waiting list at the MS store in the mall next door to work a couple of days ago. This afternoon I decided to walk over and check on things so when I entered the store and rather glibly asked about 128 stock they said how many did I want. Well, they got a bunch in and are working down the waiting list but since they hadn't notified everyone and had stock I walked out with one. Finally.

  • br65
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    So far so good with the Surface Pro 64GB Tablet Performance. I have really challenged the tablet by installing all the Adobe Software and Microsoft Office 2013. Here's the minor problems so far:

    1. I don't have anymore SSD space available on my 64GB tablet (The Adobe Software will only allow you to install on the C Drive whereas the Microsoft Office 2013 will allow you to install on the Micro-SD Drive)

    2. The sharp edges of the tablet can be annoying on your skin while holding with 1 hand

    3. The Window Screen display is a bit blurry when viewing websites on Google Chrome Browser and when installing software but when using Microsoft Software is very SHARP  


    1. Display Port (or FireWire). Purchase a display port to hdmi adapter (my choice to purchase the adapter, you could buy the one for the Apple product)

    2. USB 3.0

    3. The Size of the Tablet is not too big nor too small, JUST RIGHT

    4. The processor is pretty snappy with the 4GB Ram (again I use all the Adobe software and this Surface Pro performed well)

    This Surface Pro Tablet could be a Game Changer if the App Developers really developed apps that are available in IOS then I would just own my smartphone and this Surface Tablet.

    I have a lot of Apple Products and if I were Apple now is the time to react. This Surface Pro Tablet could be a GAME-CHANGER

  • HKBrahma
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    Can't wait until Saturday until 4 Surface Pro 128 units are finally shipped to each retailer to appease the "accute interest" people have shown with the device.  News also has arrived that the $1000+ product was designed to be disposable.  Maybe MS can revolutionize the distribution chain by designing an oversize gumball machine to sell them in for convenience stores.

  • evilgrin
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    Hate the game (Microsoft Mananagement) not the player (Surface Pro)…..

    Those who are PO’d at MSFT and say they are opting to get an iPad instead is so full of it.  Come on, what is the single most difference between the Pro versus the iPads, Android tablets, and even the Surface RT?  The Pro is running the full blown Windows 8 OS capable of running legacy applications compatible with Windows 7.  It’s a freaking ultrabook in a tablet form.  That is the exact hardware OS combo I was looking for and I am sure others as well.  You cannot do that with the 3 fore mentioned hardware which BTW to me is a waste of money.  Pay $400/500 for an oversized smartphone that you won’t talk on but play kid’ish games and so so apps?  Plus free wifi is practically everywhere except for you folks still living in the boonies so really no need for a 3g+ device.  So if you are one of those that waited all this time for the Pro but were severely disappointed by the Pro launch and say that you got an iPad instead is so FULL OF @#!%.  Hey I too waited and I was also PO that none of the BBY’s or Staples in my area had any in stock last Saturday and I almost turned my back on the Pro due to MSFT arrogant remarks on the what was most likely a botched launch rather than a mega hit they claim.  

    The one thing I am puzzled about the Pro is why on earth would MSFT engineer design it with a model that has only 64GB of storage and especially if you cannot install applications on the microsdxc or USB?  The 20 something gig of available space is nearly enough for an average to power user for apps installs.  How many devices out there running a full version of Windows 8/7/XP with a 64GB drive?  No wonder they delayed the deliveries of the 128GB version so they can unload as many 64GB as possible first.  Maybe wait for a couple months and they will have a fire sale on the 64GB Pro’s as well as the RT’s?

    3 Posts

    When will the Surface have 3G or 4G? Not having it is an enormous set back for executives on iPads that would throw them out for a Surface with 3G. You're killing me when I'm traveling without a wifi connection. I live in Tampa, not the boonies, and there isn't free wifi anywhere around Florida when I need it. Build it in, Brother, and you have a killer product that will take market share from iPad users.