Surface Pro: Available now

Surface Pro: Available now

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Today is an exciting day for the growing Surface family: Surface Pro is here!

Surface Windows 8 Pro 64gb is available online or from store shelves at all Microsoft retail stores in the U.S. and Canada, at Staples and Best Buyin the United States and from Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada. Customer response to the launch of Surface Pro has been amazing. We’re working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible. Our priority is to ensure that every customer gets their new Surface Pro as soon as possible.


Surface Pro gives you the power and performance of an Intel Core-powered PC in a tablet package. Whether you’re a road warrior looking for the one device to pack or you’re looking for a PC that will get the job done and still help you have fun, this is the device for you.

To go along with your new Surface Pro, you can also pick up a new Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition and three new Touch Cover Limited Editionsin red, magenta, and cyan which will be available in all markets where Surface is currently sold. Starting today, you can buy a new 64GB standalone version of Surface Windows RT so you can choose a Touch (or Type) Cover of your choice – like one of the Touch Cover Limited Editions I just mentioned!

I’m also excited that as of next Thursday there’ll be 13 more countries in Europe joining the Surface family. On February 14th, we’ll be bringing Surface RT to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Surface RT and Surface Pro represent countless hours of research, prototyping, experimenting and building an amazing product that really is the ideal stage for Windows 8. Our hope is to share with you here through our blog some of that work in the coming weeks!

Now with the Surface family, you can decide which device best suits your needs. Whether you’re a business professional who needs to use Photoshop while you’re traveling to make edits to a picture, or a blogger wanting a simple and seamless way to update your blog, there’s a Surface for you. Surface Pro, which provides the power and performance of a laptop in a tablet package, is great for taking notes with its pen while you’re sitting in on a meeting and responding quickly to emails while using your Touch Cover (or Type Cover!) keyboard. Surface RT offers the convenience of a tablet with some laptop capabilities. It really is about entertainment first as a tablet with all day battery life all in a package that’s super lightweight.

Well, since I’ve spent some time sharing with you the exciting qualities about Surface Pro, I’m eager for you to get your hands on one. So stop by one of the above mentioned retail stores and check one out for yourself! Oh, and one more thing don’t forget to get yourself a Limited Edition Touch Cover before they’re all gone!

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  • Come on saturday!

  • David Wax
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    Hi All. Just got my Pro 64GB this week. Don't need space of the 128GB with MicroSD and SkyDrive. Got Type cover. Currently installed office 2013 and parts of 2010 due to work needs. Still have 26 Gigs on my hard drive and plenty of room on my MicroSD even after installing SkyeDrive and Dropbox synced up to that new MicroDrive.

    All that said let me just say this thing is awesome. Getting 5hrs of battery life, and this device has replaced all of my devices (laptop, IPad, etc.). This is the real deal. I get it if you want to wait for the 128GB, but if you work in consulting or IT as I do you have to have this thing.

    I too am really pissed at the launch and think MS management is really horrible. But have to give it to the product. What matters to me is that they have solved my problem (create a tablet like thing that actually works for real work). Not saying we shouldn't push of launch answers. Just saying if you are not too turned off this thing is worth the money and wait.

    BTW I do not work for MS nor am I a shareholder nor do I really care about them. Just needed a solution and they provided a great one. Keep an open mind and see if it works for you.

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    Now that ifixit has posted the tear down procedure and found a Micron SSD to be a separate I wonder what the chances would be to install a larger SSD?

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    I have the 64GB unit too (since couldn't get 128).  I read that MS Office 2012 can be installed on a drive seperate than C:.  If this is the case, that is great.  I also read a thread of how one can do a shadowcopy of the program files folder onto another drive and then use the link command to have Windows see the program files on the other drive as being the C:\program files and C:\program files (x86).  Not sure I will do that, but it is an option.

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    I have a Samsung Series 7 Slate with Win8 loaded and I was able to load Office 2010 on the microSD card and it works just fine. The Best Buy guy I spoke to last Saturday said you couldn't do that so I told him he was misinformed.

  • jneigel
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    I'm interested in hearing from those who have a Surface Pro with a typing cover. How good is it for extended typing? I'm used to a 17 inch Dell Studio, which has a full size kb. The wait for the 128 GB SP has given me more time to think about this, as well as alerting me to the Thinkpad Helix (which I first heard about on this blog). Looks like the Helix may be better for doing real work, is that the consensus? Thanks to Microsoft for forcing us all to give the competition a second look!

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    see my review below and here:

    Also the MicroSoft Touch KeyBoard (I got the White Version) is useless. I purchased the Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard instead. Yes I am returning the Microsoft Touch KeyBoard. The Logitech keyboard will allow you to connect to 3 Bluetooth devices which means you could type your text messages on the Logitech Keyboard and then type on the Surface Pro then type (in my case) on your mini-iPad. Microsoft's Touch Keyboard is ackward for typing and will not allow you to lay the Surface Pro flat on the table with the Touch Keyboard because when you do that the Touch Keyboard floats and then bounces when you type which of course is ackward. Laying the Surface Pro flat on the table would be useful when designing or creating privacy at a Hot Spot. I wish Microsoft would have thought of REAL WORLD SCENARIOS while designing products. Come on Microsoft I want you to WIN again. Please get YOUR ACT TOGETHER. The Surface Pro could be such a GAME CHANGER. Would be glad to assist

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    I have the touch cover and find it extremely usable.  If the type cover comes out with an embedded battery, I will get that too.  So far I think the Surfcae Pro is awesome.

  • Bret Harte
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    Wanted one for Christmas - not ready. Wanted one for spouse's birthday - not ready. Wanted one for Valentine's day - unavailable/sold out/never actually available. Gave up bought iPad. Yes, I know it's not the same, but it is better than the one made from unobtainium.

  • br65
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    Also the MicroSoft Touch KeyBoard (I got the White Version) is useless. I purchased the Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard instead. Yes I am returning the Microsoft Touch KeyBoard. The Logitech keyboard will allow you to connect to 3 Bluetooth devices which means you could type your text messages on the Logitech Keyboard and then type on the Surface Pro then type (in my case) on your mini-iPad. Microsoft's Touch Keyboard is ackward for typing and will not allow you to lay the Surface Pro flat on the table with the Touch Keyboard because when you do that the Touch Keyboard floats and then bounces when you type which of course is ackward. Laying the Surface Pro flat on the table would be useful when designing or creating privacy at a Hot Spot. I wish Microsoft would have thought of REAL WORLD SCENARIOS while designing products. Come on Microsoft I want you to WIN again. Please get YOUR ACT TOGETHER. The Surface Pro could be such a GAME CHANGER. Would be glad to assist

  • br65
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    I wanted to purchase the 128gb Surface Pro and had no problem with the $999 price tag but unfortunately my local Staples & BestBuy did not even get inventory of such product so I ended up buying the 64gb (only 2 were shipped to the local Staples store - yes only 2. The Local BestBuy also was shipped only 2 of the 64gb versions - yes only 2). I will bet you Microsoft did not even manufacture the 128gb version to create a FALSE-sense of the product "selling out" when in fact it was never manufactured and made available for launch. Only the 64gb was manufactured and that is why the Microsoft On-Line Store makes the 64gb available and not the 128gb. The person in charge of the Launch SHOULD BE FIRED for CREATING SUCH HYPE but NO DELIVERY (OVER PROMISED AND UNDER DELIVERED). Here is the dilemma: Once the 128gb version is available people who have bought the 64gb will return for the 128gb (I know I WILL RETURN THE 64gb VERSION). WHY? Because the 64gb version only has 30gb available once you sign in for the 1st time on the 64gb version (forget about deleting the recovery partition to save approx. 7 - 10gb). After installing Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, LightRoom, Acrobat (Adobe will not allow you to install any of there software on any removable drive such as the micro-sd) MS Office 2013 (Office will allow you to install on the micro-sd), you only have 11gb leftover which means I am at the end availability for my Scratch Disk and other software. OF COURSE I will return my 64gb Surface Pro for the 128gb version.

    If I were the Product Manager for the Surface Pro I would have done the opposite. Mainly manufacture the 128gb version first and made this available and tell customers that the 64gb is out-of-stock. Then Microsoft could have UP-SOLD the 128gb version (further boosting your HYPE and greatly affecting your financial bottom-line) and reduce the upcoming RETURN PROBLEM of the 64gb Version (the same problem you guys at Microsoft had with the Surface RT launch).

    VERY DISAPPOINTING considering the amount of money you guys have spent on marketing and hyping such product. At least at APPLE they manufacture more than 2 products per store.


  • sloppsta
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    just ordered a levono tablet 2 and a samsung ativ smart pc pro 700t.... was going to buy two surfaces.... your loss microsoft...

  • faust445
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    it's frustrating to see how bad your PR efforts are around Surface and Windows 8. Ballmer: why don't you have a dedicated intelligent, technical PR team that can 1. address all the bad press you get all the time 2. but more importantly to proactively be out there to influence reviewers, blogger, etc, And finally there is a total lack of PR response to the barrage of bad press Surface gets in general. you can be defensive and try and tell me that you did this and that, etc, etc, but when you go out there and do a news search on surface/surface pro you get mostly really really bad press. this also applies to Windows 8. remember that the best spent $ in marketing are in PR. and you guys don't seem to be spending much on PR. What do you spend your marketing $ on ?

    I second that. It is almost unbelievable that MS is not proactive about this, preception is everything these days, people buy an useless iPad (comparing to either version of the surface) based on nothing more than great PR and 'cool' factor and some irrelevant specs. I was showing my colleague my surface pro the other day and not only was he impressed by the performance and gaming, he was surprised it had usb 3.0, now that should be something everyone should at least have heard of about Surface Pro, no?

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    USB closed the sale for us on the Surface RT. It's essential for our son's homework, everything at his school uses thumbdrives. Add the bundled student version of Office, and RT is PERFECT for kids. But you wouldn't know it from Microsoft or the reviews...

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    Ballmer has a dedicated PR team- in Mumbai.

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  • Simcity
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  • Hi everyone, we just published the following blog post giving an update on Surface Pro availability:

  • Panos,

    I think I am at my wits end with Microsoft, I want to share my frustrating weekend with your company and the poorly executed product launch.


    I show up to the Microsoft store in Lone Tree 1 hour before the launch. I am turned away after standing in line only a few minutes. Your rep offers to put me on the call back list. I pass thinking I’ll just go over to bestbuy.

    I head over to best buy 30 minutes before the store opens. After waiting for 10 minutes outside in 30 degree weather I find out from the manager who came out to talk to the group of 4 people and myself, no Surface Pro’s were available the one unit they received was spoken for via pre-purchase.

    I immediately call your Cherry Creek pop up store. I talked to a rep that refused to tell me if he had enough units for everyone currently standing in line. He said if you come and get inline there would be a chance, worst case I get on the list for future shipments. So I drive 25 minutes to get in another line. I get to the store and find another 20-30 person line. The guy that showed up 30 seconds before me gets the last 128GB unit. Just my luck! I end up taking a spot on the list intended for call backs when either the reservation card holders flake or a new shipment comes in.

    Disappointed I went to twitter and blogs to share my frustration. I actually had a twitter follower write and entire blog post covering my experience.


    I get a call from the store to let me know they have a 128GB unit for me!!! I am at the MS store within the hour.

    I purchase the following:

    128GB Surface Pro

    Extra charger (For my office)

    HDMI cable (More on this later)

    Screen protector

    MS warranty

    Total: $1367

    I go immediately over to Microcenter and purchase a 27” led monitor, 64GB Micro SD card, & HDMI cable.

    When I get home it’s time for unboxing my purchase. I left the monitor in my car as it would be taken to my office. So I find out pretty quickly that I have a DEFECTIVE type cover!!! The magnets in the keyboard were defective they did not attach to the Surface. I was in disbelief. I immediately called the MS store. I was asked to bring it back in for an exchange. GREAT another trip to the MS store! I could not make it back on Sunday as I had plans to eat dinner with my in laws.

    Last night I registered the full version of MS Office 2013, which I also purchased for the Surface Pro. It was very simple to setup. I then went to setup email thru outlook. I finally went thru and customized the interface and social media aps. I have to say this entire process went flawlessly. Very easy to setup and intuitive.


    I get to work excited to migrate off my old computer and put the Surface to work! I first swap out my old 23” monitors and replace them with 1 LG 27”. In short order I find out that the hdmi cable the MS store rep placed in my bag only works on the RT version of the Surface… ARE YOU KIDDDING ME!!! Seriously this whole process has been cursed! So I called the MS store around 3. I explained that I have a defective keyboard and 1 HDMI cable that will not work for the Pro. I was told we have plenty in hand come down. I said please put one of each to the side and I will be down in a few hours. “No problem see you soon.” On my way home from my office I head over to the MS store. This is another 20 minutes out of my way both ways. I get to the store and they check out my keyboard, looking puzzled they said yep that does not work. Let’s do an exchange. How about the HDMI cable. One rep says oh yeah we sold out of those about 20 minutes ago. I said no you have one held for me. The other rep that was helping me says oh I never put one aside for you I assumed we had enough. I AM ABOUT TO LOSE IT AT THIS POINT. There was nothing they could do for me at this point except apologize profusely and put me on another list! I take a refund for the RT HDMI cable and go home. Now I have to drive 1.5 hours tomorrow after work from my office to the Lone Tree MS store where they have hdmi cables in stock.

    Seriously Panos if I did not love this product and everything it will do for me, I would not put up with this and move back to the Mac Book Air. The Surface is incredible and I love the design, but your teams delivery, process, incompetence just sucks!


    I call the Lone Tree store and asked if they have the HDMI cable for the surface they said they had plenty. I drive an hour out of my way to pick one up. When I get there the rep tells me they've sold out. Another rep says well we have a third party adapter that will work. I am just speechless at this point and take it as I can't go another full work day working on only a 10" screen.

    I am in Software too, I run sales teams that sell into both enterprise and mid-markets. I would lose my job if I put my clients thru a process like this. You guys need to regroup and address your issues if you want to beat Apple. I think you have an incredible opportunity in front of you with truly a revolutionary product. You will own the business markets with this product. I would think every company would find value in the way the Surface Pro could transform the way they conduct business. I am a true believer in your product, I could be an evangelist for you. However, Man you need to clean up your house if you want this to take off.

    Panos, I would appreciate it if you contacted me and personally apologized for the amount of frustration and time lost your team has caused. I’m not looking for a free handout, just a simple I am sorry and we appreciate your business. If you are interested in my request contact me on linked in and I will share my personal contact information.


    Eric Sandoval

    One positive note. Your tech at the MS store in lonetree was very helpful and got my company hosted email via Gmail working in outlook 2013. He was even able to get my calendar and contacts to sync! That was important to me and he came thru.

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    Next time just buy a Mini Display Port/Thunderbolt to HDMI cable off Amazon, they are like $13 for 10 ft. Why buy that Microsoft branded one for double the price?  It also would of been easier to just find a Best Buy or Staples that had Type Covers in stock, purchased one and then returned your broken one for your money back to whichever store you ended up buying it from. You could of saved yourself a lot of trouble if you would of been prepared and stopped to think.

    I did not realize it was a mini display cable. I thought it was proprietary because of the angled adapter connector.

  • Webcentric
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    I broke down and decided to buy a 128GB pro on craigslist. Its a complete tax write off anyway as I am a self employed IT consultant. I found one on Reston, VA for $1200 and jumped on it! Its the best $1200 I've spent since I bought my RBZ Taylor made clubs.. this device rocks. Honestly there's no comparison. I have not been this impressed by a gadget since the first iPhone! I waited on this device for a tablet that I could remote desktop into my job with terminal service and it works flawlessly. Lockheed lmpassage works flawlessly. I've been using an ipad so long its hard to believe I have a fully functioning PC on my lap in bed that is light and cool as a feather and noiseless. I'm very proud of you Microsoft! Your Hiphop dance marketing campaign is so cool its not even funny. The guy from SYTYCD.. Really amazing. You're retro design rivals apple at its core. Even the way you charge this thing is unique and almost contemporary art! I'm going to dump my FB stock and buy more of yours, i'm sold you are headed to $42 this year. I'm in love....

  • Chris
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    I was checking out Surface Pro on EBay, and I saw some fools horde the device and are trying to sell it more than what Microsoft Store and retailer stores are offering.  

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    I meant to say ebay website.  and I saw some account trying to sell it for more than retail price

    Too bad Microsoft didn't set up a deal to prevent this.

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    The WII sold ten times its msrp on eBay,

    All Microsoft had to do to prevent this was exhibit garden-variety marketing, retailing, or communication skills. Too bad, indeed.

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    Ebay Is too expensive... try craigslist!! Going for $1200 - $1400 totally worth it. The 128GB pro is a complete steal at $999

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    and risk buying a lemon?  No way.  I'll just buy it in regular store.

  • surfp
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    Do we know if Surface Pro supports WiDi ?

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    It is Windows. File sharing on a network is simpler than WiFi direct...

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    I see it has Intel HD 4000 Graphics processor and want to know if the Surface Pro supports Intel Wireless Display. Sorry, I was not asking about WiFi direct ...

  • treetownal
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    Just please let us order the thing.  Take my money, send me the device when you have it.  Asking us to stand in lines, show up to stores or log in at specified times to check stock is absurd.  You have taken a desirable object and made it as difficult as possible to purchase by imposing these crazy scavenger hunt purchasing mechanisms that have soured your core customers on the product.  Just take my money, I am trying to give it to you.