Update on Surface Pro Retail Availability (U.S. and Canada)

Update on Surface Pro Retail Availability (U.S. and Canada)

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We know some retail and online locations have been low or out of stock of Surface Pro and we’re working to address this. Here is what we are doing and what you can expect.

In the U.S., we are shipping additional units of the 64GB SKU to Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft Store now. We are shipping 128GB SKU later this week to retailers, with some units available by the end of the week. Our priority (and that of our retail partners) is to fulfill orders from customers who made a reservation first. Canada is following a similar timeline but may take an extra few days to start arriving.

Demand is high and we’re working as quickly as we can to get Surface Pro in market. If your local retailer does not have stock immediately, they should have it soon.

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  • I'm so used to my Samsung 10 tab and Galaxy Note 2. When I want to send a text message or email or search for anything all I have to do click on where I want to type and instead of typing I can just select the mic on the keyboard on the screen and start talking. the Samsung devices work so well for this. I'm really wanting to purchase a Samsung ATIV 700T Windows 8 Tablet but there isn't a mic on the keyboard to replace the typing. I prefer to dictate to the tablet not type. speech recognition and ease of access is not what I'm looking for. Is Microsoft going to add a mic to the screen keyboard? I would think others would want this ability as well. Just talk to our tablets just like other mobile devices. If not I would like to see a gadget app that added this functionality.


  • rhennessy
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    Yesterday, I visited my local Verizon store, intending to buy a Surface Pro to have all my devices (computer, smartphones, tablet) run Windows 8 for maximum compatibility.  I was surprised to learn MS hasn't produced a Surface Pro that supports Verizon wireless access, and that the Verizon dealers haven't been informed when to expect that version of Surface Pro to be available.  I would have thought MS would be ready with all appropriate devices when it rolled out the Windows 8 Pro tablets.  Can anyone tell me if my desired product will be available soon, or if I will have to buy an iphone or droid to continue Verizon wireless service?

  • Tntnico
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    2 months later


    Microsoft, day after day you makes me so sad.

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    Sorry, wrong post

  • caddickd
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    When is there going to be an update on availability in the UK?

    This is really bad news for Microsoft..... get your act into gear..

  • Greg
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    It is important that you recognize the availability issue - for me in the UK, I can walk in and pick up an iPad from my local supermarket and yet when it comes to this exciting device for Windows I am waiting several months from your announcement of the product, if you would have made this device available I would have bought it (I will anyway 'one day')  I am pretty sure an incredible number of other people would too, you really need to be aware that you have failed considerably for the most part in terms of delivery. For future reference, when you announce a product in the right way - like you did, you really have to have full availability after the event.

  • Yay! Notice from MS Store that my 128GB Pro that I ordered on 2/15 has shipped.

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    Mine too. UPS surface from Ontario, CA.

  • Has anyone who ordered on the MS Store last week when they allowed pre-ordering had theirs ship yet?

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    Pre ordered last week. Canceled it today. Done waiting for any useful communication from MS. Stopped accepting "I don't know" as an answer from one of the biggest tech companies in the world on one of their own products.

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    ordered mine the day they went back up on the Microsoft store website, happy to say it has just shipped!

    was very frustrated the day it came out and there was not a single one at any best buy in town, but, really, it wasn't that long of a wait...

  • myokeeh
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    Called the Scottsdale, AZ location. They said the shipment they were expecting for the weekend isn't there yet.

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    Got 1 of the 8 128GB Surface Pros at a local Best Buy at noon. All 7 were sold by the time I picked up mine.

  • My Best Buy preorder in Holmdel, NJ arrived today. Going to cancel as I bought the 128 at Freehold MSFT store Weds on a walk in with no preorder, they had 25 in on Tuesday.

  • If my Best Buy doesn't have any this Saturday you guys are liers

  • jimmyzdc
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    Well it looks like its available to order on the Microsoft Store online. Est ship date 3/1.  I thought they were supposed to have more stock for this weekend.

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    What would make you think they would have stock this weekend??? Oh yeah, because Panos the Panderer tweeted to the world they would. Just another example of people at Microsoft not knowing how to deliver on their promises.

  • 128 is available to order online. right now. Shipped by 3/1, probably your best bet to snag one. Good luck.

  • vernor
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    Really March 1st expected ship date?  You sure know how to overpromise and under deliver.

    They must of really bet the farm that the 64GB Surface was going to be their seller, that all anyone will ever need is 640k  I mean 64GB....

    The bad press screwed them over. There should have been a higher price gap between the price of the 64 and 128. The the whole "omg less space because of hdd partitioning" fiasco would not have skewed things the way they did. More space is always better... depends on what you put on it. There's obviously either a manufaturing issue they do not want to own up to (pretty sure this was an issue during licensing of their components), or there was just totaly marketing and production incompetence.

  • Not exactly fensing, but this is why some companies limit units to 1 per person or 1 per household, and actually keep record of buyers:


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    A bunch of BS to say the least. Glad that guy bought 8 of them so he could sell them at a 50% markup.

  • canecrazy
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    This evening I called all the Best Buy's and Staples' in my area as they all receive their stock trucks on Friday. Not a single store has received any 128GB models. I am a student whose laptop died three weeks ago. I waited two weeks for the launch date and couldn't even come close to sniffing one. I am on the waiting list at the Microsoft kiosk at a local mall and have made a reservation at BB. Where is the weekend restock you guys promised? I have papers to write this weekend and am going out to buy either a 128GB Surface or a MacBook. Unfortunately, it does not look like the choice will be mine.

    Get the MacBook. At least you get some customer service from Apple. The sooner you buy something else and stop looking the better you will feel. Let Microsoft's blunder be someone else's benefit.

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    I am afraid I am going to have to agree with you. My campuse is about 7+:1 apple vs. pc, and even has an apple store in the bookstore. You'd think Microstupid would want some visibility...

    Apple has the worst customer support of any company I ever dealt with.  After my iPhone 4 started having a problem with the sim card I phoned them and told them about it.  They said they had never heard of any such problem and couldn't help me.  A simple google search for iPhone 4 no sim card installed showed thousands of people with the same problem.