Update on Surface Pro Retail Availability (U.S. and Canada)

Update on Surface Pro Retail Availability (U.S. and Canada)

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We know some retail and online locations have been low or out of stock of Surface Pro and we’re working to address this. Here is what we are doing and what you can expect.

In the U.S., we are shipping additional units of the 64GB SKU to Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft Store now. We are shipping 128GB SKU later this week to retailers, with some units available by the end of the week. Our priority (and that of our retail partners) is to fulfill orders from customers who made a reservation first. Canada is following a similar timeline but may take an extra few days to start arriving.

Demand is high and we’re working as quickly as we can to get Surface Pro in market. If your local retailer does not have stock immediately, they should have it soon.

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  • HCS
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    When and Where will the Surface Pro be on NYS Contract - trying to order some for a school district.  You cannot expect IT professionals and public entities to hang out at Microsoft or other retail stores and buy these one at a time.  The pressure from laymen to load up on iPads, Chromebooks, and inferior brand laptops is bad enough without making a real alternative unavailable through defective marketing and logic...

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    Exactly! We have about 400 iPads in the district I work for; all of them were easy to purchase. I convinced our IT Director that we needed an RT for evaluation and it took almost 6 weeks to purchase! They need State contracts or at the least be selling through the channel; ie. CDWG.

  • So a curious thing happened today. Went to the Microsoft Store to check about 128 stock. None. Was told they usually maybe be 1 or so available before closing. Well that was an odd response. Later I went to Staples and was told by the manager that they do not sell Surface Pros 128, they are only avialable online at the Microsoft Store (available online LoL, I know). I've pretty much gone from irritated to amused regarding this whole fiasco. At this point I'm just going to sit back and watch, and start shopping for something else. Reminder: Unless you have a very large and loyal following for your products, products that are necessary, your competitors will only benefit from your market failures and software blunders. Just look at Nintendo.

  • MarkM
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    I've called 14 Best Buy stores across the state and not a single one has a 128gb or 64gb in stock.

    These are NOT THAT IN DEMAND I assure you (compared to any Apple product).

    This launch has been a total failure of epic proportions. I'm glad MICROSOFT decided to completely ignore it's distribution channels in stocking this device. I'm the head of IT for my bank and I have interest to order 50+ devices for our loan officers and outside marketing / managers. Good to know Microsoft isn't interested in my $50,000 dollars, rather piss me off enough to go purchase a product from Acer or Samsung.

    I do not understand the hush hush and pat on the backs of the incompetent Surface team. Microsoft seems to have forgotten it's core audience that makes them profitable........

    Also note I called one Best Buy that said they had 4 128gb's in stock but they where purchased and paid for through Best Buy Business? What the hell I checked Best Buy Business throughout the week and didn't even see a single spot to order them, only SKU that even shows in that system is a 64gb RT.


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    Mark...what state are you in?

    MarkM...I have had the same experience. I called BestBuy for the 10th time this week and was told they didn't have any. Then I asked the right question...So you haven't gotten any shipped to you? The response to that was yes, but they are going to those who reserved them. I hate having to go to a store to reserve something. At $4 a gallon, it would cost me $10 just to go out and come back and then another $10 to go get it. That is just silly.

    How is it that Microsoft still doesn't know how to release a physical product? The fact that I can't order a 128 right now from the web site because the site doesn't have/or gotten any stock all week is just silly. I've got an app checking for availability in the Microsoft Store every 30 seconds. When it sees the Surface 128 in stock, it will play the Surface Ad theme song. I haven't heard that song or see a log entry of success all week, so I know I didn't just happen to miss when it was available.

    Microsoft should have pre-sold ALL Surfaces online so everyone would have a chance to get one. Then fill the stores. This whole process has left a bad taste in my mouth and will make me think twice about getting excited about a Microsoft product again in the future because I don't want the letdown of not being able to actually get one after getting my heart set on it.

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    jimmyzdc I'm in Tennessee. I called two stores in Alabama and also two stores in Mississippi with no luck either. My local Best Buy in town has gotten a truck in today but none showing on the manifest, no stock through Fedex / UPS at all this week. They only got 1 128gb and 1 64gb at launch!

    To make matters worse I waited 1 hour at the local Best Buy before opening being the only person in the parking lot to have a guy show up apparently right at the door open and sneak to the door before I could get to the door! He ran straight to the back and got the only 128gb they had in stock of course so no luck for me.

    As an IT professional I have no time to play around for something like this. I test and evaluate with our propitiatory bank software, recommend to executive management, and then make an order of 50+ units through CDW / Ingram Micro. I don't know what Microsoft was thinking of selling these strictly through retail when it's CLEARLY marketed as a PROFESSIONAL device. What corporate business buys their fleet of PC's through Best Buy or Staples? Seriously....

  • Bill_G
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    Now Microsoft Store Online via Phone will "take a reservation"

    Microsoft Store is 200 miles from here

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    Just taking your "name" and "number" to call you when they have them in stock.

  • SO FRUSTRATED TODAY!! So after calling the twin cities microsoft store every day the past week to have them tell me that they were not doing a waitlist and that they dont have any 128 Pro's I decided to drive in and visit the store to speak to someone in person and to check out any accesories that Best Buy might not have. While there I was told once again, no, there arent any 128's however they would be more than happy to put my name on a list to reserve one.... WHAT?!?! Yes! They have had a list all week even though everyone I spoke to everyday up to that point on the phone said there was no list. The rep then said they have recieved shipments but that it was all going to people on the reserve list. This is some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

    I tried to call Microsoft to spek to someon... anyone about my experience but after retelling my story the phone rep respinded with"would you like to buy a 128, I can check to see whats availiable at your local store" as though that had no listedned to the fact that I had just left my 'local'  store who told me they didnt have one.

     Whats really frustrating is that in the midst of this trainwreck of a release.. noone!! is taking any resposibility or explaing what is going on. Every is saying different things and it has resulted in me wasting my time and money.

    I'm on waitlist at Best Buy and now microsoft and stilll... no Pro.

  • luke83
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    Im sure this post has between Bob & no hope of being read by anybody who has any influence within MS but regardless i'd just like to say how poor the marketing and distribution for this product has been from day 1 of announcment. I live in the UK and everyday have a quick look to see if there is any info about a release or price of the surface pro outside the 4 walls of the U.S and to be quite honest I think today may be the last time I waste my time bothering. The whole will they?/wont they? game is something I used to enjoy on christmas morning when I was 5 but as an adult in his 30's I prefer the idea of being told where, when, and how much I can buy the things I want. Get a grip MS as this whole sorry story is turning into a Joke!!!

  • njsokalski
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    Everybody's talking about their local Microsoft Store. You should consider yourselves extremely lucky that you even have one near you! I would die to have one near me, but the closest one to where I live is a full day's drive. If I could have Microsoft build a store near me, I'd probably accept it as one of the best Christmas or Birthday gifts I ever got (and probably more than half my gifts in the future would be bought there as well!)! But I would just consider yourselves lucky that you have access to one of the first places to get the product.

  • Update:

    I've been calling my local MS store every morning all week checking for stock, and they finally told me they had some 128gb in this morning! They told me there was no guaranteeing I would get one, but thankfully I work right down the road so I went there on my break. There were 4 people in there already buying some.

    I walked up to the counter and they asked me if I had one reserved, I said no. They said they had about 6 left, and one of those is now mine! I asked if they were expecting any more this week, and they didn't know, so those of you hopeful, it's still seems elusive, but there might be more this weekend as originally said.

    I got their Pro Bundle which came with a screen protector, carry case, one type or touch cover, 1 year extra warranty and a copy of office. I also grabbed the wedge mouse.

    Walking out the door I paid approx $1, 500.

    I hope this helps some of you. Good luck folks! It's worth the wait.

    Congrats, I'm jealous

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    Yeah, you're the only one.

  • davem287
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    When will the Pro and RT be on State bid lists? Likewise, when will they appear at places like CDW? I can't imagine a company going to an MS Store to purchase a couple hundred units.

  • Although there has been undoubtedly a huge problem with the launch of this device, I still can't wait to get one and I hope this finally puts apple in its place.  I am so tired of everyone raving over apple this and apple that.  I had a first generation ipod.  Sold it to my cousin and bought a zune.  Wayyyyy easier to use.  I was hoping back then that the zune would make apple go away.  Still waiting.  Also, absolutely no advertising for the zune. Oh, and I am also tired of people saying "well, just buy an ipod" Sorry, but the surface does wayyyyy more than the ipad. Ipad= oversized ipod.  Surface= Compact computer.  Nuff said.

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    I couldn't have said it better myself. I've been waiting for the Surface Pro 128GB to become available since Christmas! If there had been a way (if there was, I didn't know about it), I would have preordered it over a month ago. I have checked every day since 2/9/2013 for it to be available, so it's good to hear that it is being shipped later this week. I can barely contain myself, it's like waving a piece of candy in front of a little kid, you just don't want to wait anymore!

  • Looks like stock has mostly gone to MSFT stores. If you want one this week, that's your best bet.

    For user quixoteloco: This is where I bought on a walk in this afternoon (no pre-order):

    Freehold Raceway Mall

    3710 Route 9 South

    Freehold, NJ 07728

    Phone: (732) 358-5180

  • daninla
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    Got a call this morning from Microsoft Store in Century City. I had put my name on the list last Saturday when I went in. I was 45th so not hopeful about getting one before Saturday but they got enough in. Just picked it up!

  • edwin
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    Ohh boy everyone complaining about not getting one!

    I got one ... it worked for 1 day. Next day no more booting.. Called MS service and only solution is to send it back! They wanted even to charge me for one more Surface pro to do the exchange!!! Can you believe this ?

    So after my call to the MS service they said I have to return it. BTW I researched and found several other users had the exact same problem - 128GB Surface Pro not working after a few hours.

    The crazy thing is MS told me to wait another 24h to get an email, which I did not get, to return the device. I called the next day again then MS told me they have to cancel this service request and I got another service number whole process again....

    Now I'm finally able to send it back - lets see when I actually get my paid Surface Pro back. From the few hours I could use it  I can say that I'm absolutely amazed by it - it does what it says - it is a laptop in tablet form. I even tested some 3D applications on it and all worked fine!

    The things that really need to be addressed here is the service issue! If MS designs a device that can not be opened; that can not be upgraded and fixed at all; there must be a better way of service. I guess most users will use it for business (the Surface Pro) as a business owner I can only shake my head about this crazy idea of service for such a device and buying extra protection ? Really ?? In the EU by law the device has to have 2 years warranty not so in North America.

    I suggest Microsoft addresses the failing Surface Pro issue immediately by offering 2 years warranty world wide without extra cost that will at least send a proper message to the market that these devices will not drop like flies.

    I'm not a happy customer right now as you can tell.

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    Just curious, what other tablets have you been able to open and service?  I ask because you seem to not be able to grasp what this is, it's a tablet. It is not a Laptop. It this was easily serviceable it would be prone to a lot more problems. And again, it's a tablet.

    >>They wanted even to charge me for one more Surface pro to do the exchange!!! Can you believe this ?

    Yes, this is perfectly normal, if you want a new device shipped to you, you need to guaranty that they will receive the other, did you expect them to just ship one to you while you have the "non working" unit? I would guess you are leaving part of the story out, the part where you said "ship it to me now and I'll send this one back" It is reasonable to charge you and then reverse the charge when they get the return back, otherwise they leave themselves open to fraud.

    >>In the EU by law the device has to have 2 years warranty not so in North America.

    Move somewhere in the EU, problem solved? Do you routinely check other countries laws and demand US companies comply? I'd like an extended warranty also, but I know going in what I am getting, don't act surprised by something that is clearly posted, you have the choice of buying something else with a better warranty.

    Americans (I am one) seem to be so fond of forcing other people to do things only when it's convenient for them. it's all "hands off" until it involves you.

    >>I suggest Microsoft addresses the failing Surface Pro issue immediately

    I suggest Microsoft addresses MY failing Surface Pro issue immediately


    I am not happy with MS either but only due to the supply issue, and there are not widespread reports of these "dropping like flies", you<>all

    If your story is accurate and you didn't load some malware, screw with the bootloader or drop it, I feel for you, as Windows users, we've all been there and it sucks for sure, but your post reeks a little bit of a plant, especially since we all know the lazy press is lifting quotes from this blog to fuel stories.

    I am sure yours will be front page somewhere on a tech blog "Microsoft's New Red Ring?  Surface Problems reportedly widespread:  do not boot after one day"

    A friend of mine had the same issue where it just wouldn't boot anymore after a short period of time, and now has to get a new one as well.

    I hope this isn't a common trend, or this will be a big problem.

  • jeffryl
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    Dear Microsoft: Could you guys please send me an email when you ship another surface pro to my local Microsoft store so I don't have to keep checking your web site.  With no info from you, my anxiety level is increasing exponentially as the weekend approaches and I realize I'll have to out run, out drive, and out wit all of the other people who have commented here to get that one Surface Pro you've shipped.  You can send the email to getanotherdistributionmanager@microsoft.com.

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    Prepare to get up early... I will try to get there before you...  

    The last one will be MINE - and you have to wait another week!

  • Update: Still waiting to hear on Best Buy pre-order from 2 days ago.

    Went to MSFT store, they got 25 128's in yesterday (not a major city location, central NJ). Keeping BB pre-order open to see how long it takes, they only had 4 on order.

    Got to go unpack and setup :)

    where in NJ?

    Freehold Raceway Mall

    3710 Route 9 South

    Freehold, NJ 07728

    Phone: (732) 358-5180