Limited Edition Touch Covers – Extras to Excite You

Limited Edition Touch Covers – Extras to Excite You

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Our new Limited Edition Touch Coversare available now, for a limited time you can have a piece of something that’s unique and one of a kind. These Touch Covers feature custom laser etched artwork designed by three different and equally talented artists. Express your personal style and use something that’s functional. These Touch Covers work on both Surface RT and Pro, and feature the smooth pressure sensitive keyboard with built-in trackpad. That’s what makes these so special, having a good balance of something that looks good and works well in helping you stay productive. We commissioned three individual artists from around the world to create these designs. We are thrilled to share with you a little bit more about each of these gifted artists, and after reading this you can see which design and inspiration you connect with most.


Skulls - Kate Bailey

Kate is currently an industrial designer here at Microsoft. She joined Microsoft shortly after graduating from California College of the Arts, having previously interned at several design firms in San Francisco. Kate comes to work each day to conceptualize and design hardware for Microsoft Surface. When brainstorming and coming up with ideas for her skulls design, Kate drew inspiration from the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that is celebrated in Mexico and around the world. Now back in her native Seattle, Kate also runs a small experimental design studio—Free Time— in partnership with architect Amber Murray.

Flowers - Oh Joy!

A graphic designer and blogger, Joy Deangdeelert Cho worked with numerous fashion clients in New York before launching her own business in 2005. She is the talent behind the striking flowers design you see here. Along with her business, she consults for other creative businesses, writes books about managing creative-based businesses, and sells her line of stationery, home office, and wallpaper products nationwide.

Year of the Snake - Liu Qing (aka “LEFT”)

We’ve just entered into the Year of the Snake. Only taking place every 12 years, the snake is one of the 12 year cycles of animals in the Chinese zodiac. The snake is regarded as an intelligent and logical animal, also possessing qualities of ambition. The talent behind this one of a kind design is Liu Qing (aka: LEFT) a well-known Shanghai designer who has spent time at several top ad agencies, working with tons of brands and garnering industry awards for her collage, hand-drawn, and graphic styles. LEFT is one of the leading creatives pushing neo-traditional style, a mashup of traditional Chinese elements and modern aesthetics.

We wanted to shake things up a bit by adding these three unique designs so we’re giving you the chance to snag one of these Limited Edition Touch Covers. What are you waiting for? These will be in selected retailers for a short time so be sure to pick up your very own Limited Edition Touch Cover today while they’re still available.

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  • sean-ray
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    Hey I'm from the UK and wanted your limited edition surface touch keyboard cyan with skulls. seems to have sold out! i was wondering will you guys get any more in stock or is that it ?

  • Mysterie
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    Is there a matching start screen or Theme to go with the Year of the Snake Touch Cover?

  • I know this probably isn't the correct place to do this, but @mspartner sent me to you guys.

    I have a mutual client that I would like to see if you would interested in doing a case study with.   We currently have a 2008 domain with MS Dynamics CRM running.   Looking into deploying DirectAccess and Surface Pros to the sales force.   This is a company in 3 states with approx 40 employees.   Large enough for a case study, yet small enough for other small businesses.   We feel this would be a mutually positive arrangement.   Please contact me at -

  • caguilar91
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    Hi Surface Team, will the Surface Pro fit nicely with all available Surface sleeves at the Microsoft Store with a Touch or Type Cover attached to them? And what screen size fitting (E.G. Designed for 10", 11", 12", etc.) third party sleeves should I consider best for the Surface RT and/or the Surface Pro with a Touch or Type Cover attached? Thanks!

    Thanks for your comment! Both Touch and Type covers work with Surface RT and Pro. Either Surface RT or Pro with a Touch or Type Cover attached should fit into the sleeves we have in our Microsoft Stores, you can see the sleeves we have available online here:

    The dimensions of these sleeves are listed on the website.

    1 Posts

    Interesting that the number of accessories on the US site are far larger than on the Canadian site.  Any reason for this?

    1 Posts

    It would be great if these were all available world wide. When is the pro and the accessories going to be available in the UK, that is the big question...

  • treetownal
    6 Posts

    Nice covers.  Now all you have to do is manufacture some surfaces to plug them into.  

    6 Posts

    treetownal: thank you for posting this! Yes, thanks MS. Thanks for not telling us anything that's going on... but in the meantime for selling covers to the product we can't yet obtain! I just checked Best Buys in my area and out of the 20 or so stores, none have the 128gb pro.

  • Duane
    4 Posts

    I'm wayyy up in canada.  I showed up to best buy on launch day and put my name on their list for a 128Gb.  I'm the 7th or 8th person on that list.  Still waiting.  Maybe this week.  But at least I can get a limited edition cover.  Oh, oh, no wait.  Those aren't here either unless I choose to drive to one of the two MS stores in Canada, maybe.

  • I grabbed the blue one with skulls when I picked up my Surface Pro. I love it! I hope you guys make more things like this, maybe with additional colours and combinations.

  • I love the idea of these covers, but none of this set particularly call out to me. I hope you continue designing these.

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    I have to agree the designs are better than nothing but would not say they have the wow factor?

  • How about actually releasing the device or at least giving us an update on UK availability. This is turning into a farce - I can't believe there is any other reason for keeping people in the dark other than total incompetency and having no clue how to launch a product !

    4 Posts

    Let’s hope the XBOX Next does not have a similar release like this, which makes you laugh that one department of Microsoft know how to release a product and a different department do not?

    Everyone understands that US companies will release in the USA first excluding Windows Phone 7 for some strange reason the UK had it first, but was also a bit of a mess as Microsoft do not like spending advertising money outside of the USA, so no one knew about it…

    little tip Microsoft put a registration page up on None USA sites to get an idea of how many people would like a surface pro, I’m not saying build to every on that register as not all will buy but if you get 100k people don’t go out and build 1k…

    It’s called market research, :D ROFL

  • Jadeseeker
    1 Posts

    Super creative. Great job Kate...loved the video. Keep pushing the boundaries...Microsoft needs more artists/designers!

  • ometzit
    2 Posts

    I might get one, once I finally found where to buy a Surface Pro. When can we have it in Colombia?

  • I find it rather ironic that it shows as 3.7/5 stars for 3 ratings.  I know the first rating gave it 1 star. Doesn't take a math genius to figure out that 5 + 5 + 1 = 11, and 11/3 = 3.67.  IOW, the first rater gave it 1 star, and the last 2 gave it 5 stars.  Seems odd that all the commentors so far have left unfavorable comments, yet there are 2 5-star ratings.  Makes one wonder if Surface Team is gaming the system. Just sayin'...

    The star ratings on the blog are based on the average rating readers give and while a reader can change the rating they give, they can only rate a specific blog post once. Thanks for your comment!

    1 Posts

    cool dude. sounds like you know how to do math!

  • Jeanseb
    3 Posts

    As there is no surface pro in europe, i guess I'll try to plug one onto my 128 pound dog... Will I get a DogFace ? I am so excited can't wait to see my dog's face ;-)

    3 Posts

    Got a good laugh out of that.  Thanks.

  • PH8
    1 Posts

    Oh wow!  Some nice covers to attach to "out of stock" Surface Pro's.  Just what we needed!  Really!

  • gaburko
    5 Posts

    MSFT - you truly deserve the title "worst product launch ever", "worst communication strategy ever" and "worst supply chain strategy ever". Indeed, an accomplishment. Not communicating with your customers is something you could have afforded to do 10 years ago when people had no choice. Today, you are the underdog and you lost many customers (myself included) with your arrogance and ignorance.

    5 Posts

    Not to mention the little to no promotion in Best Buy and Staples.  I couldn't even find where they had the display units, had to ask as it was relegated to a small corner of the computer section.