Toyota Racing Teams Rev Up with Surface Pro

Toyota Racing Teams Rev Up with Surface Pro

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This weekend, Microsoft is with TRD, U.S.A. (Toyota Racing Development) at the season opening NASCAR races in Daytona, Florida, to see how things are shaping up on the race track with their Windows 8 Trackside app running on the new Surface Pro. Over on the Windows for your Business Blog, you can get the scoop on TRD’s Trackside app for Windows 8. In this post, we want to talk a little bit more on why TRD chose Surface Pro to run their app.

RAB Racing with Brack Maggard driver Alex Bowman checks results on TRD's Windows 8 Trackside app.
RAB Racing with Brack Maggard driver Alex Bowman checks results on TRD's Windows 8 Trackside app.

So why Surface Pro?

The fast pace and practice time constraints on the track make TRD’s hardware choice just as important to the success of the Trackside app as the development of the app itself. TRD had to consider the many different factors that come into play when using devices on the track, like durability, performance, outdoor visibility, and easy portability, and found that Surface Pro delivers everything they required plus the fast and fluid interface that the racing teams needed.

TRD Trackside app on Windows 8 with Surface Pro.
TRD Trackside app on Windows 8 with Surface Pro.

With Surface Pro, the driver simply taps data into the Trackside app and passes it to the crew chief, who can quickly click in one of the Surface keyboard covers, push out the kickstand and use it like a laptop on the toolbox or team hauler. Veteran race car driver Kenny Wallace, who is closing in on 900 career NASCAR starts, shares his firsthand experience, “I’ve just come off a 200-mile-an-hour run. I’m strapped in, my adrenalin is pumping, and the car is being jacked up and down. I can’t be fumbling with a mouse and keyboard to tell my crew chief that we have to figure out why I’m losing a couple hundredths of a second in turn three.”

Wallace sees other teams at the track writing notes on paper and thinks it’s obsolete, “With Windows 8 and the TRD Trackside app, I have an advantage. I just tap on the Surface to tell my crew chief where I’m having performance issues – it only takes a second. Then view my timing and scoring against my competitors to see where I have to improve to get faster lap times on the track.”

We are so glad that Surface Pro has the durability and performance TRD needs on the race track!

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  • I know this probably isn't the correct place to do this, but @mspartner sent me to you guys.

    I have a mutual client that I would like to see if you would interested in doing a case study with.   We currently have a 2008 domain with MS Dynamics CRM running.   Looking into deploying DirectAccess and Surface Pros to the sales force.   This is a company in 3 states with approx 40 employees.   Large enough for a case study, yet small enough for other small businesses.   We feel this would be a mutually positive arrangement.   Please contact me at -

  • MichaelF
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    Absolutely terrific device.  Can only get better with Intel Haswell chips on the horizon to extend battery life and likely allow a thinner and lighter Pro device.  Would make sense to add Hard Drive capacity since demand is for 128GB and would be there for even larger drives.  Price not a real issue.

    I bought the RT version first - wonderful portability and very useful for browsing, email, etc. and the Office inclusion makes it worthwhile.  I still use it to go to the coffee shop where I trade stocks and chat up friends.  It generates quite a lot of interest.

    But the real game is the Surface Pro version.  I had no trouble getting one the day it launched at the Yorkdale Mall Microsoft store in Toronto, and there was a lot of interest.  I waited 45 minutes in line and expect the store sold 200 units more or less that day.

    Powerful, sleek, very fast, great screen, pen is nice addition, and runs everything I need with performance matching my desktop and virtually any ultrabook.  I use it when I travel and don't need any other device except my phone.

    But why the limited supply and limited launch.  This device can sell millions of units and the market is frustrated by the inability to get one.  It is not often that a new device has such enormous demand and so little information from the supplier on how to get one.  No disrespect, but Microsoft can do better and a little more transparency and customer focus would be welcome.

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    Its not the limited supply that is the issue the major issue is no information on cost of release of the device outside of the USA?

    All we want to know is when and how much, so we can make an informed decision on if we want to wait or spend our money else where...

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    +1..... all I Iwant is information, it feels as if MS is more interested secrecy than in profits and good PR. People cannot make buisness decisions with no information.

  • o0MattE0o
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    So 10 more days and its a 1 month ago when Surface Pro got release in USA are we going to get an Update on EU Release?

    Unless you tell your competitors stop releasing tablets with these **it underpowered, pieces of **it Intel atom processors, they just can not run Photoshop FFS...

    I have 20MB minimum for each of my photos I take and these underpowered processors just can not handle any thing but browsing the web...

  • djrankin
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    Please announce release dates for other countries (Australia), I need to buy 32 for buisness use but can't get a buisness case signed off on and funded with no date on it...real or otherwise.

  • DGin3D
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    I ordered a 128gb on Feb 17th after having traveled 2hrs to the nearest MS Store and come back empty handed.  I later learned that one would not be able to get Microsoft Complete unless it was also purchased at the same time (whereas a 45 day window was stated previously), forcing me to cancel my order and reorder with Complete... on the 19th.  It is now the 25th and 128gbs are popping up at local stores while mine has still yet to ship.  I could even get one from Staples of all places!  What gives?  I hate to be one to complain, but this - all of this - seems pretty nonsensical.  Please work on your supply chain and PR, because both have been utterly dreadful for this product so far.

    1 Posts

    Update:  I received my Surface Pro yesterday afternoon and so far it has been everything I hoped for.  Kudos to the engineer team for putting together a fantastic product!

  • Chris
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    Good thing I purchase this product in person a week ago instead of waiting it until March.  I have a feel it might go out of stock again, and it did.  Hopefully people here will get their device when it becomes available.  

    BTW, I noticed that the insert key is missing on the keyboard.  Is there a hotkey for it?

  • tyhopkin
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    ......while the rest of us unworthy customers have been waiting 2 weeks to get a 128GB Pro.  Thanks for pouring salt into the wound.

  • Who cares?

    People are trying to buy the (non-crippled 128GB) Surface Pro and it STILL can't be found, two weeks later.

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    1 Posts



  • Jeanseb
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    000 comments LOL LOL let me had one to help you receive feedback  !!! How did Toyota receive the 128 surface when hundreds of business users can't get it ? We are ready to pay for it and they get it discountted !!! Surface technical team is great ! Surface marketing team is rubbish !!!

    Who will lead this team marketing team next ? I am sure Mr panay can not support this crap marketing launch , isn't it ? Even Mr Ballmer must take action to correct this.

    Btw there is a facebook surface sucks page ;-) but a surface marketing & com. Team sucks would be much more appropriate!!!

    Anyway, surface pro sucks due to ms very bad marketing