New Surface Ad

New Surface Ad

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We’ve gotten LOTS of really nice feedback on our high-energy Surface ads. The ones people have liked most have been those that ran when we first released Surface RT and Surface Pro.

As much as we love the ads and others have, they’ve also been a bit polarizing. Some of our biggest Surface fans have been downright angry (ANGRY!) that we aren’t talking about more of what it actually does! Generally speaking, people have talked about how they love that Surface is really the world’s first productivity tablet. It’s a tablet, of course, with beautiful design, great feel, and lots more. But what makes it truly different is that you can also do your work – because of Office, because of the iconic click-in keyboards and Surface kickstand, and because it has ports – for when you need to share a file via USB, get pictures from the camera, add more storage with SD, or plug into a screen.

Surface fans want us to tell this story. And we do too.

So we’re happy to have a new ad we’re just releasing, one that tells the story and we think keeps some of the energy we’ll always have for Surface.

Hope you like it!

Brian Hall
General Manager – Microsoft Surface

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  • I agree with a lot of what you said. but I just wish these kinds of commercials were out sooner. I am very happy with the direction you guys are taking your marketing. I have a complete review of the ad at

    Keep up the good work!

  • o0MattE0o
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    Far better advert the old ones have been far far too American (Sorry but best way to describe it)

    But I still think the first ever advert is the best :D

    If you change this a little for the pro and have the screen running things like Autodesk Maya 3D / Photoshop on the screen as well :D then show some one writing on one note with the pen saying can your tablet run these :D

  • Definitely on the right track. Waiting for more pen/digital ink commercials. That's one of the true differentiators. Must also show that a pen is different/better than a capacitive stylus.

  • mmcpherson
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    When I first brought my Surface Pro to the office, back when the original ads were running, I got a few remarks asking if I was going to be snapping the thing in time as I danced around the office.  They have since been impressed with the thing, though!  

    To the Surface Team:  why not do a short blog post whenever there's a firmware upgrade?  You guys have really done well with this, with improvements rolling out monthly, so why not take a bow and let people know?  

  • sunco
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    The others was like "what's that?" and fan kind. This is for everybody and "want one"

  • sunco
    2 Posts

    The others was like "what's that?" and fan kind. This is for everyone and "whant one"

  • stownend
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    Now that's more like it!