Surface clicks into big partnership with the NFL

Surface clicks into big partnership with the NFL

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You probably saw some pretty exciting news about the partnership between Microsoft and the NFL as part of our Xbox announcement today.

We were particularly excited on the Surface team about this opportunity because it gave us a chance to show how much more Surface can do. Surface is the world’s first productivity tablet – built for people to have fun and get important things done. The NFL is a great stage for Surface because Surface has the chance to help change the game – including how medical staff take care of players, coaches strategize, players learn, and referees, um, referee. This is a partnership that we’re excited to embark on.

We are also very excited for every fan of the NFL to be able to get a better experience watching NFL games with their Surface in their laps. As we work our way through summer keep an eye for more details about this great partnership.

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  • Courtesy review of Surface Pro here:

    This is great for trial lawyers. Laptops proved a little too awkward to use in the courtroom by lawyers during trial. I love my Surface Pro. (Won't miss the commercials though.)

  • You can check out a more detailed article at the Unofficial Microsoft Surface Blog:


  • I am excited for the future of SmartGlass and what the Surface will be able to do with Xbox One and all the new partnerships.

  • o0MattE0o
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    Come on surface team we not going down the route again, where can we buy Surface Pro tomorrow?

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    You can buy one at any of the local Best Buys in Utah, they have them in stock at the MS Store in downtown Salt Lake City.  Not in Utah, you can buy them online at the MS Store or Best Buy.  Outside of the US, they have told you when it will be available in Europe.

    and Australia will have it by 30th of this month. I have already pre ordered it