Free Touch or Type Cover with the purchase of Surface RT this month in US & Canada

Free Touch or Type Cover with the purchase of Surface RT this month in US & Canada

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We are excited to announce a special offer for those of you in Canada and the United States. For a limited time beginning May 31st, receive a free Touch Cover, Touch Cover Limited Edition, or Type Cover with the purchase of a Surface RT.

Touch and Type Cover do much more than just protect and personalize your Surface RT. They let you get real work done. With Office Home & Student 2013 RT pre-installed - which includes versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote - a keyboard that goes everywhere with you really is the perfect accessory for your Surface.


Surface Touch Covers in cyan, red, magenta, white and black


Surface Type Cover in Black


Surface Touch Cover Limited Edition (Skulls)


Surface Touch Cover Limited Edition (Flowers)

This is a limited time offer so be sure to take advantage of this great deal through the Microsoft Store or other Surface retailers! You can also check out the cool Surface RT offer happening in Western Europe in a related post here.

Brian Hall
General Manager – Microsoft Surface

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  • TONY101365
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    How about the people who purchased the Surface RT before May. That is not fair we paid more and receive no reward for being loyal Microsoft customers.

  • I would like a #Surface so much but cant afford it, but just seeing all the cool features its got just makes me want one so much !!!!!

  • mpeckham
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    Purchased my wife a Surface at Staples last Saturday and the employees were not aware of the Windows offer. When I arrived at the store yesterday to pick-up her new Surface, the employees immediately updated our order and gave her a new type-cover to go with her new Surface. Excellent service and she stay up half the night playing with it - this is a big deal since she normally hates computers. Great job Staples and excellent product Microsoft!

  • jbigelow
    4 Posts

    Last update: when I went into the Staples where I bought my Surface RT 9 days ago I asked the manager on duty about this offer and was told it's "a Windows offer", in other words, we don't know anything about the promo, I posted a play by play below :)

    I called today thinking maybe since I inquired the first day of the promo that the front line workers hadn't been clued in yet. No such luck. The employee I chatted with on the phone didn't even bother putting me on hold to investigate, she immediately went to the "this is a Windows offer" line. (they always say Windows and not Microsoft, go figure).

    I like my Surface enough that I am not going to return it, even though I kind of feel like a chump. But still, I hope the Surface team takes notice (not holding my breath), you guys need to get your act together in regards to promos with your retail partners. It's not the 90's anymore, Microsoft is the underdog in the tablet market, you can't take this kind of negative customer experience for granted, the speed with which the Staples employee told me to take a hike makes me think other customers who may not have been as forgiving were disappointed as well.

  • desarmador
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    WTH? I lay down $1K on a Surface Pro and I am not getting Office or even a cover? How does this make customers want to stick with Microsoft? It seems that late adopters are the ones getting rewarded.

  • bobby.brot
    2 Posts

    Thats brilliant, now the only deal remaining for a hot cake baking sale is now to allow possible trade in's from Surface RT to Surface Pro, I hope the trade in deal I am thinking of will be thought by Microsoft and this deal would decrease the total value of the Surface Pro.

  • jbigelow
    4 Posts

    Reporting back as promised in my previous comment...

    I walked into a Staples today (6/1) to try and make use of this promo and was shot down by the manager on duty.

    I actually bought my Surface RT last weekend but since I was within the 14 day price match/return window I figured they would probably honor the offer.

    I went to Customer Service and told the employee about the promo and showed him my receipt, he didn't even bother to research the promo, he just said "talk to the manager".

    I explained the promo to the manager, she took my receipt and then looked through her weekly deal flyer but didn't find any information. She asked me if it was through Microsoft, I told her no, I had seen the promo on a Microsoft website but the offer included retail partners. She then proceeded to look through an employee only promo list with the dates 5/26 - 6/10, so I figured she wouldn't find it in there and I was right. I then showed her this very blog post (on my WP8 naturally), she read it and again tried to say it was "through Microsoft", I showed her the link to the retail partners and she saw the Staples logo. I was very polite the entire time but she was starting to get annoyed. She said she would "go into the back to check this out". She came out about 5 minutes later.... "this is a Microsoft deal, I called another store and nobody knows about it."

    I may give it a few days and try again before my return time frame closes. If I still can't get it I'll have to decide whether I want to return the Surface altogether. I was okay with the purchase before knowing about the promo (I like the Surface but I don't "love" it yet) but feeling like I'm getting ripped off or missing out because Microsoft can't educate its partners or manage promotions in house leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • MOE
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    I bought one Surface RT 32GB. How do I get the type cover? Please help...... I desperately need this one.

  • touchstone
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    My guess is that this is just a temporary move to liquidate excess stock before Surface RT 2 (or whatever it will be called) drops later this year, meaning that the combined price for a RT + cover will again be $600+ . Which is too bad. Take the current version of the RT, swap in a moderately better processor and screen, throw a 2nd gen cover into the deal and the RTbecomes somewhat attractive at $500. Drop the total price to $400 or below and maybe this time next year we'll be talking about how the RT made a surprising turnaround and became a big success. Maybe.

  • badmouse
    11 Posts

    tried buying the surface pro 30th May. Microsoft locked my account without giving me a reason and now my Azure, Windows Phone Store, MSDN, Windows Store, Xbox are all locked. Just saying, Microsoft seems to be focusing more in getting new customers with promotions like these but to an existing customer they are not doing a very good job in providing us basic service like customer support.  I have nothing against outsourcing customer support but when they have to escalate every issue you get, a free cover just doesn't seem all that worth it.  Just because a deal is good when you purchase your surface doesn't always mean the support you get after will be good as well.  so remember this the next time you decide to buy into a Microsoft ad, they only care when its you who's doing the spending because is obvious that they are not spending enough to improve their support to customers who has already done the spending.

  • The new passion have end, so the offer is great, and attractive.  should be taken advantage of good offer.

  • ptmguelph
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    It's May 31, I just followed the links on this page to go to the Microsoft Store to check the price of the Surface and there is no mention of this free cover offer.  I could get a 32GB Surface for $499 and I could get it with the touch cover for $599.  No mention either of the type cover.  What gives?

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    There is a small text below ADD TO CART

    "Get a FREE Type or Touch cover when you buy a Surface RT"

    Yeah you can get free touch and type with only $499.

  • To clarify, for "this month" starting May 31st, does that mean it is only for today?  Or do you mean for the month of June?  

    This offer is valid through the month of June.

  • dannylm89
    1 Posts

    I also think its offensive to not extend a promotion to this product's early adopters. I dropped $120 on a type keyboard, then had to return it within a week because of a faulty spacebar. I won't go into the horrible customer service I received at Staples trying to get a replacement (made me go to two stores), but the overlying support from Microsoft has been appalling. No Microsoft Outlook, limping application growth,  and several technical issues (Surface not turning on, frozen screens, etc.)  have completely damaged my hope and loyalty to this brand. I'm a huge fan of WP8 (I love my HTC 8x), but your going to need more than a free keyboard to become an established tablet competitor.

  • gerbick
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    Great. I just bought a Surface RT last week and now this happens?  I'm under my 14 days, could take it back to Staples and get the Touch Cover... hmm.