Personalize your Surface with Cool Accessories

Personalize your Surface with Cool Accessories

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When it comes to having the best possible Surface experience, accessories are a big player. We are extremely proud of the Surface accessories that we’ve designed to help you do more. We’ve also partnered with some awesome companies to offer you accessories that are designed specifically for Surface. As you think of how you want to use and personalize your Surface, the products that these companies have brought to market deserve a serious look:

Rebecca Minkoff Pyramid-Studded Surface Sleeve in pink

Rebecca Minkoff Sleeve Pink

Touch Cover Magenta

A Magenta Surface Touch Cover compliments the Rebecca Minkoff sleeve above for those who enjoy this bright hue.

Rebecca Minkoff Pyramid-Studded Surface Sleeve in Black

Rebecca Minkoff Sleeve Black

Nixon Surface Sleeve in Black

Nixon Suface Sleeve

Type Cover

The Surface Type Cover pairs well with both black sleeves above for a sleek look.

The Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve for Microsoft Surface

Incipio Sleeve

Touch Cover Cyan

The Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve in cyan pairs very well with our Surface Touch Cover in cyan.

We want you to be able to make your Surface truly yours. You can expect more cool accessories that are designed for Surface in the months ahead. For now, be sure to check out the latest accessories that are available now.

Brian Crum

Product Manager – Accessories


PS If you’re interested in creating ‘Designed for Surface’ accessories, then check out the details of the program here.

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  • Pixiestik1
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    I would like to see a cross between a Professional Portfolio Holder and a Surface Keeper where I could place examples of my work in plastic sleeves and zip around to hold my computer. Please consider this.

  • Justin Kim
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    Is it possible that the type cover will scratch the surface screen?

    Type Cover is designed specifically for Surface and will not scratch the screen.

  • How about some cool uses for the magnets if not used by power of cover?  I would also like to see a cool "murse" (yeah, I said it) option for carrying my Surface on the company campus. And what is really needed is a power to USB cord to charge the batter in a portable battery charger or car.  

  • I am looking forward to more and more accessories for my Surface Pro... I hope the "Designed for Surface" takes off much better and more quickly than accessories for the Windows Phone have been forth coming.

    One concern of mine about the existing accessory line is that most of the colors/designs - pink, baby blue, skulls..... seem to be put together with a junior high audience in mind.

    I am a professional and I do want to personalize my Surface Pro... But I also want it to be professional. Right now there is almost nothing I would consider purchasing. I have my grey-flannel type pad... but there's not much more out there that I will consider.

    Again, I hope the design team remembers that if they want us to keep using our MS products in our professional settings, they need to catch up with the guys who create fruit in products and design.

    Thank you for your insight, we appreciate your ideas and will keep them in mind! We'd recommend that you check out the Incipio Sleeve if you're looking for something more professional.