Surface is ready to take the field

Surface is ready to take the field

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Back in May Microsoft announced a major partnership with the NFL. We shared that Surface will be the official Tablet of the NFL, and we talked about ways in which Surface may be used on the sidelines. Today, we are taking the wraps off additional details of the deal for the 2013 NFL season, specifically as it relates to Xbox and Surface. Head over to the Xbox Wire blog for more information on all the great stuff coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I want to give you a quick snapshot of what’s coming on the Surface side – both for the teams and for the fans.

First, Surface is landing on the NFL sidelines with select club personnel to support teams with player health initiatives. Surface will help keep important player medical information at the fingertips of team trainers and medical staff in the locker room and on the field. This includes the X2 concussion assessment app to quickly diagnose potential player concussions after a hard play. Surface tablets and the X2 app will be an additional tool to help medical staff and trainers to determine whether a player should return to the game.

Second, for all you couch commissioners out there it’s time to head over to the Windows Store and download the Fantasy Football application for Windows 8. This app gives you a real time view of your team and your matchup that week. It includes a killer Game Center view that features a live chart that plots your fantasy team scoring over the course of the week with video highlights of key scoring moments. This is the ultimate couch companion for football Sunday!

Stay tuned for more and keep your eye out for the Surface logo on the sidelines of the NFL games this season!

James Bernstrom
Director – Microsoft Surface

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  • Dan Warren
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    We saw the commercial for the new Surface and have heard good things about the product from one of my daughter's college professors.  I would like to see if there is anything online that will provide a side by side comparison of features/benefits of the Surface compared to the iPad.  Not that I am an Apple supporter but they are the industry standard and would like to make my mind up before going out and purchasing one.  Thank you for your assistance.

  • tN0
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    Please focus on the core product and services first before playing around with (in my eyes) pointless partnerships like this.

    I purchased a Surface for Windows RT on day one. Had to wait for the shipment without any info from Microsoft. It was a very chaotic start here in Europe. Got a product with preview software (Office RT Preview), the TouchCover has quality issues. The Surface's coating is peeling off on the sides (I'm not the only one with this quality problem), some audio issues are still not solved after all these software and firmware updates, the German Surface support chat is often offline during the opening hours and the telephone call-back service's menu is not working with landline phones.

    Fix this! Now! Kill every partnership, promotion or anything else until this is done. Focus on the product! Don't ship unfinished software when the software itself is already finished! Get your core apps ready! Focus on the product in your marketing! Don't show faked software in your advertisements. I remember you showed the Xbox Dashboard on the original website and a wrong pinch-to-zoom gesture to promote a core-feature on your Windows 8 ads.

    I'm still waiting for the support team to send the shipping info. They promised to solve this in 4 days. That was laft week.

    It's a catastrophe and you are talking about NFL games here? I guess it's a joke?