The Time is Now: Pre-order Your Surface Device and Accessories

The Time is Now: Pre-order Your Surface Device and Accessories

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You may have heard that the pre-order stock of the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition, Type Cover 2 in Purple and Black, and Touch Cover 2 has sold out at Microsoft Stores in the U.S. It also looks like pre-order stock of the Surface 2 (64GB) and Surface Pro 2 (256 GB and 512GB) are close to selling out – also at Microsoft Stores. We’re pretty happy about this of course given we just unveiled Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and the new accessories to the world only a week or so ago.



If you’re reading this blog you’re likely a Surface fan, so we want you to know we have limited availability. You should pre-order now to ensure getting the products you want on Oct. 22.

To do this, please go to the Microsoft Store online. From there, you have four options:

1. Pre-order: Note that for some items available for pre-order, delivery will occur after October 22nd. A delivery date will be provided in your cart at checkout.

2. For products that are out of stock or not yet available: Please submit your email address when prompted and we will notify you when the item is available.

3. Go to a retail store to buy on October 22, when Surface hits shelves.

4. Buy an alternate Surface device – you have other great options!

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 have been updated in a way that make them the most productive tablets on the planet. It’s exciting to see a lot of people feel the same!

Also, if you haven’t seen our new ad – we think it’s pretty great. You can check it out here.

Brian Hall

General Manager – Surface

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  • fedetanga
    1 Posts

    Hi everyone.

    I can't wait for October 21!

    So I pre-ordered my Surface 2 today on Microsoft Store, but if I go to the order page in Microsoft Store site, my order doesn't appear.

    please tell me why!

  • Yassiin
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    Hello, I'm from Indonesia....

    I'm a huge fan of Surface, and dying to preorder the Surface Pro 2, however, the surface pro 2 won't be selling in Indonesia, don't know why....

    What i'm asking is, can i preorder the microsoft Surface Pro 2 in the Microsoft Store and had it delivered to my place in Indonesia? Or is there any other way or place to get my hands on the Surface Pro 2. Thank you very much for your answers, looking forward to having the best Hybrid tablets on the planet.....

  • dhoworka
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    Hi Brian-this is good news!  We have hundreds of Public Safety customers and building owners interested in the Surface Pro for our emergency pre-plan software.  Is there an Otter box or other rugged case available yet??? Please contact me as soon as you have a chance.

    Thanks. We'll have a rugged option launching soon in Microsoft Stores and other select retailers. Watch the Microsoft store and this blog for more information.

  • Hi Brian Hall,

    I BELIEVE the problem was the availability of the surface in other countries, you only have limited countries where  surface is available.

    Given that you have plenty of UNSOLD Stocks, Microsoft didn't even bother to try to sell it to other regions but instead chooses to write it off. Up until now we are still waiting for the surface when it will become available in our region.

    I HOPE this time you will cover more regions instead of limited market releases.

  • Jameskil
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    It's all well and good to create buzz and excitement for the new Surface 2 products. But if you guys think it's a good strategy to be out of stock on day 2 of generally available, it's not going to play well for those who want to buy these products. For me, I can't wait to unload my iPad by trade-in and get a Surface 2. But I'm going to be super pissed if I have to wait for two or more weeks before product is available. I can't afford to be without a tablet device that long, and a time close to the holidays, I can't afford it without the trade in. Please elaborate on your plans for product availability for those that do not pre order.

  • KHollister
    6 Posts

    Can anyone tell me some of the accessories (such as the Docking Station and Auto AC Adapter) aren't going to be available at launch time?  I really wanted to order those...

  • read this blog and ordered my Surface 2 right away.

    In the purchase page, it didn't have a type cover 2 link suggested as accessory.

    I had to go back and add it to my cart.

    And why don't you have the magenta color available at launch?

  • slerch
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    I think being sold out means Microsoft didn't make the same mistake as last time by producing far more than they would ship. The $900 million write down hurts I'm sure.

    That being said, I happily own a Surface Pro and would buy it again in a heartbeat. Had I known the Surface Pro 2 were just right around the corned when I bought it, I would have waited. Oh well, such is the life of tech nerds I guess.

  • danjreid
    2 Posts

    I'd happily pre-order a Touch Cover 2 and Arc Mouse - if they were available for pre-order in my territory! I'm in a launch country, too - the UK. I can (and have) pre-ordered my Surface 2, but Touch Cover and Arc Mouse just say "coming soon."

    Its really annoying. Why are these accessories not available to pre-order in the UK?

  • Krighton
    1 Posts

    Wish there was a trade in Program. My mother's iPad is worth more than my Surface Pro unfortunately. :(

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    Trade in would be nice, but no company really does that. You could trade your Mom's iPad towards a new Surface though. She probably wouldn't be happy though.

    1 Posts

    Sorry, Apple does it. Just realized I was wrong.

    1 Posts

    Um, there is a trade in program. Starting with iPad 2's you can trade in your gently used device for a minimum of $200 dollars. That is nearly what you would get selling it off of ebay.

  • Nathan
    1 Posts

    This site doesn't let me sign in in IE 11 native mode, and also wants to run some activex control. It really should let me sign in. Added to compatibility view and working now.

    The Surface accessories are unavailable from the site saying coming soon, and don't provide the option for notification when they come in. Why no stock, why no notification?

  • jason wun
    6 Posts

    Does any body know that whether Touch Cover 2 has the magnetic feature like iPad's smart cover does when closing up the cover?

    6 Posts

    The Touch Cover 2 is most likely just like the original Touch Cover. No magnetic feature to stick it to the tablet.

    I own a Surface RT and the touch cover attaches magnetically to the Tablet and it turns the tablet on when opened and off when you close it. It works like a charm

  • eriekr
    1 Posts

    Hi, iam from singapore

    if i pre-order from MS store US

    is it will be delivered to singapore?