Windows 8.1 is now available for Surface RT and Surface Pro!

Windows 8.1 is now available for Surface RT and Surface Pro!

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At 4am Pacific Time this morning, the Windows team announced the global availability of Windows 8.1. This is a free update that brings with it a wealth of new features and improvements to Windows 8, and it will be a significant update for your Surface RT or Surface Pro. From the beginning, we designed Surface to be the ultimate stage for Windows, and this first major update since Surface launched is a very big deal. It represents great work by the Windows team – who have listened to customer feedback and delivered a fantastic product – as well as by teams across Microsoft who have worked on the new and improved apps and servicesthat make Windows 8.1 brilliant.

If you are a consumer (not an enterprise user - that’s a separate process that your IT department will enable) with a Surface RT or Surface Pro running Windows 8, you can now download the free update to Windows 8.1 online through the Windows Store*.

Windows 8.1 Update - Windows Store

You should begin by first visiting to learn about the update, as well as how to get it. Likewise, if you’re already running the Windows 8.1 Preview, this page will detect your operating system and provide you with all the information you need to get Windows 8.1 on your device. We also recommend that you read the FAQ, which will answer many of the most common questions about getting the Windows 8.1 update.

There are too many new features and improvements to go through them in this post, but you’ll notice much of what’s new in Windows 8.1 immediately – things like the greater flexibility you’ll have as you customize the start screen, the return of the start button on the desktop, improved multi-tasking, an updated Windows Store experience, and Bing Smart Search. Others you will discover as you start using Windows 8.1 and try the new and improved apps and services – things like the updated Mail App, Xbox Music, Internet Explorer 11, and the improved cloud integration with SkyDrive. The Windows Blogis the best source of information on what’s new (in fact, they’ve been posting in-depth pieces about these and other 8.1 updates for weeks), though we’ll have plenty to say in this space as well about the updated experience of running Windows 8.1 on Surface.

You’re going to love your Surface with Windows 8.1. To all of our current customers - go get the update, and enjoy! For those who don’t have a Surface RT or Surface Pro to update, remember that you can get all the goodness of Windows 8.1 on Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8.1 RT on Surface 2 beginning on Tuesday, October 22nd.

Dan Laycock

Senior Manager – Microsoft Surface

*Internet access required; fees may apply.

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  • Sudie
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    I just got the surface rt with 8.1 update ... but my store doesn't open at all .. it constantly says ( we weren't able to connect to the store.. coz there might have been a server problem or a connection time out )

    There are no updates pending .

    And is it possible to run windows 8.1 ( not rt 8.1) on surface ???

    Please reply Asap

    I have been trying to find a thread about this too. Independetly of the fact it might slow down the surface, I was also wondering if installing the full W 8.1 in the surface running with rt is possible. Lets be crazy: What about Linux?

  • john24
    21 Posts

    Microsoft working on Windows 8.1 update that hides tile in start screen by default

  • guidofoc
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    Can someone read this? I have one suggestion to integrate the tiles interface with the desktop interface:

    When we are on the Start screen, and we pinch with 2 fingers to "zoom out" the tiles, that "zoomed out" view should not only make the tiles smaller but make the desktop taskbar appear.

    This way one can easily switch between the two modes, and in desktop mode you can still use the tiles, thus integrating the two.

    While in desktop mode, clicking on a tile would open the app in a window.

    I think it is a simple solution that could make Windows 8 more seamless and logic. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the honesty on what this update addresses. I might have downloaded it if it addressed security vulnerabilities, but it looks as though it addresses a bunch of stuff I never use anyway...I am assuming 8.1 is slightly slower of and os with a bigger system footprint?

  • john24
    21 Posts

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  • Mel
    1 Posts

    Getting fed up with the wireless connectivity issues 8.1 upgrade has delivered!!!!!

  • kpartida
    1 Posts

    Help, I updated to 8.1 and now the screen is blue- NOTHING shows up!!!!! What do I do?

  • mr-deen
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    i upgraded my surface rt to 8.1 last friday. the install went okay but there seems to be a few  problems now with my system.

    1. IE does strange things with google. (after searching it makes a column of 3 - 4 cm and thats is, alle the text in that column).

    2. in desktop mode the panel keyboard must be tipped a few times before it pops-up on the screen. (on 8.0 it was very sepsonsive).

    3. i had a few times ("limited connection on wi-fi, on the train, its free wifi and there has to be a IE pop-up for acknowledging the term and conditions, nothing happends. at home it works perfectly.)

    overall it works faster, most of the system is beter and looks great.

  • lashtal
    2 Posts

    Surface Pro question - is the recovery partition supposed to be updated to 8.1?

    Because I tried to reset Windows after the upgrade, and reverted to 8.0.

    Do I have to dl 3+ Gb update every time I reset my Surface?

  • After upgrade my Surface Pro to 8.1, my Sculpt Touch Mouse is randomly disconnected! Help!

    Return to Windows 8.0 to get my mouse back is the solution?

  • My surface pro stylus stopped working with update to 8.1 and with the type cover attached. when its removed, the stylus works but while attached it is completely unrecognized. please help!

    more info: when i opened tablet settings and tried resetting the calibration it was also unrecognized while attached to type cover. when i unattached the type cover and tried resetting, it gave me the error ''digitizer device failed" and then i pushed calibrate again and it worked.

    update: found a fix. I needed to download the WACOM FEEL DRIVER ( ) resolved the issue. MS, include this next time?

  • byustudent
    2 Posts

    I had a pre-order for the surface pro 2 256gb since September 30th. I also ordered a case and cover with it which were charged and shipped immediately. This morning I received an email saying the bank declined the charge for the surface pro 2 thinking it was duplicate charge. My order was cancelled and now I'm suppose to reorder and wont be able to get one until December 15.  Now i have a cover and a screen protector with no surface for another 2 months. I'm disappointed in Microsoft.

  • pmbAustin
    1 Posts

    I've been unable to update my Surface RT running the Windows RT 8.1 Preview to the Windows RT 8.1 GA as of yet.  Every attempt brings me to a 'blank' Store.  If I launch the store, I see the new Facebook app promo front and center, but when it rolls over to the next three tiles, they're all blank, and then finally the last ESPN tile "feature" appears.  There's nothing to click on, so no way to initiate the update.

    Hope this is fixed soon.

    If you're having issues installing the update we recommend posting on our Microsoft Community forums where support people can assist you:

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  • arrow22
    3 Posts

    Hello Dan,

    One of the big Windows 8.1 features is native Miracast support. Will the Surface RT feature Miracast support? In essence, can you use a Surface RT as a second screen to a Surface Pro?

    It would also be great to have access to an affordable Miracast dongle (it could simplify connecting to projectors in particular). Since the Surface team is creating great hardware, is this something you have looked into?