Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are now available!

Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are now available!

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Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and the new Surface accessories are now on sale (or will be at 12:01 am local time in places where it is still Monday) at Microsoft retail stores,, and select retailers in 21 initial markets, including the United States. For those of you who have been excited to try Surface 2 and take one home, you’ll now be able to do just that. Many of you pre-ordered your new devices – thank you, they’ll be arriving directly.

Surface is the most productive tablet on the planet. It’s not just a laptop: laptops aren’t as thin or light and don’t have a battery that lasts an entire day. It’s also not just a tablet: tablets don’t have click-in keyboards and Microsoft Office that allow real work to get done. It’s not like any device you’ve ever seen: Surface lets you run your favorite apps right alongside your favorite apps – Xbox Music next to the document you’re working on in Word, News next to Facebook, or a webpage next to a webpage for a quick view of two things (try doing that on another tablet). In short, the new Surface is the one device for everything in your life.

During the past month, members of my team and I have been able to visit face to face with thousands of our customers. It has been an eye opening experience to see how Surface affects people’s lives. People are pumped about using our products and see the quality in every device, cover, and accessory. They are thrilled about the speed and elegance of Surface 2, and are amazed by the battery life and increased specs for Surface Pro 2, and we love their energy.

We work to deliver beautiful, high-quality, high-performance devices, and the initial reaction, even from many of our critics, is that the updates to Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 deliver on that ambition. Because they run Windows, both devices are yours to customize in ways that fit your life – from the apps that you use to the services that connect you to the things and people you care about. As I interact with customers and they tell me what they do with their Surface it’s obvious that this ability to make Surface truly ‘theirs’ is huge part of what makes Surface great. An artist uses it differently than a busy mom, a CEO on the move uses it differently than a student, and an IT pro uses it differently than a writer. They all appreciate the fact that they can customize Surface to work for them.

Screenshot (2)

I sometimes get asked what the difference is between Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, so I’ll summarize the basic difference between the two devices. Surface 2 is the most productive tablet for personal use, and Surface Pro 2 is a laptop in the body of a tablet, capable of running all Windows software and Windows Store apps.

Surface 2

Surface 2 offers all the entertainment and gaming capabilities you expect from a great tablet. It’s perfect for those who want an ultra-thin and light tablet with long battery life that also allows you to work when you need to work. It ships with Windows RT 8.1, a significant update to Windows RT, as well as Office Home & Student 2013 RT with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook. The 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD 1080p display is fantastic for watching movies, and the kickstand means you don’t have to hold your Surface while you watch. Surface 2 has a 3.5-megapixel front camera and 5-megapixel rear camera, both capable of capturing 1080p video and featuring improved low-light performance, making face-to-face conversations with your friends and family crisp and clear. The ability to customize makes it ideal for creative enthusiasts, gamers, or bloggers who want a simple and seamless way to quickly and efficiently update, browse, and get things done – the convenience of a tablet with some laptop capabilities.

Surface Pro 2

Surface Pro 2 offers the portability and simplicity of a tablet with the full power and flexibility of a no-compromise laptop replacement when you need it. Think of it as a device with Ultrabook performance and speed in a tablet body. With the ability to run virtually any Windows-compatible program, its 10-point touchscreen with pen technology and enterprise-grade security, Surface Pro 2 is perfect for tech enthusiasts and business professionals needing a device that maximizes productivity and offers the convenience and mobile design of a tablet.

Both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 also include fantastic offers from Skype and SkyDrive that will help you do even more with your device. When you purchase either device, you’ll receive free Skype calling to landlines in more than 60 countries for one year, unlimited Skype Wi-Fi on your Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 at more than two million hot spots worldwide for one year, and 200GB of free SkyDrive storage for two years.

The bottom line is that whether your work is business, gaming, browsing or connecting, Surface devices help you get it done. Please join us in celebrating the arrival of the most productive tablet on the planet!

Panos Panay
Corporate Vice President – Microsoft Surface

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  • Poofiepie
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    any news on when the market will open up further for surface 2/ surface pro 2?

  • Is there any idea when the dock will be available?

  • MSullivan
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    Microsoft Store Surface purchasing experience:

    9/28 visit beautiful store pages, preorder Surface Pro 256GB model set to deliver 10/21.

    10/14-10/20, periodically check order status page for delivery/tracking info -- no info, order status "In Progress".

    10/21 release date, no change on status. Chat with Microsoft online help who are extremely polite. I am told not to worry, 10/21 is a shipping day, and my Surface will arrive the next day.

    10/22 morning: In anticipation of delivery, have someone at home waiting. 1-2pm, 10/22, still no change to order status, talk to online chat rep #2. An equally polite rep informs me that my Microsoft Surface will not be delivered today, despite what I was told yesterday. Apparently, an attempt was made last week to charge my account, but it failed (bank flagged it fraudulent) -- Rep has no answer as to why a message was not sent last week, and no status update was made to my order. The rep explains I need to talk to the bank and have them authorize the original payment. I offer to change the payment information, but the rep explains that they can't accept a new payment and instead the original one needs to be authorized.

    10/22 evening: Contact bank, verify transaction is not fraudulent. Ask that they authorize the original payment as suggested by Microsoft, but they explain that is impossible. Store must charge my account again. They also confirm any subsequent charge won't be flagged as fraud. Return to store page, status has never changed (still says it is pre-ordered will be delivered 10/21). I can't change the payment information on the order, but am able to add another card as a payment method.

    10/22 At 11:24PM: Via email, Microsoft's system for the first time informs me something is wrong with my order. It finally informs me of their failure to charge me the prior week, and explains I must change the payment on my order between Friday 10/25 and Sunday 10/27.

    10/25 12:16 AM (just after midnight): Store sends me an automated email with a link to update payment information. I log in, verify information, select my other card as new payment and hit confirm: UPDATE_NOT_PROCESSED TIME_OUT_ERROR_MESSAGE INVALID_NOTIFICATION_CONTACT_INFO BACK_TO_MICROSOFT_STORE.

    Sign out of store, retry email link: We're sorry, your order is not available for a payment update. Please view your account for details. Having trouble? Call us at .

    10/25 1 AM: Call a support number from an email. I explain my problem, asking whether they can just charge either card. I am instead escalated to another rep, who has me experience the broken store link in other browsers. I also receive an email that says my pre-order has been canceled. Reps insure me that it is not canceled, however they can do nothing for me and someone else must call me back later during business hours. I'm given case # 1221309292 and assured that someone will call me at noon, which I selected as it's my lunch time.

    10/25 10 minutes after noon: No one has called me back, so I call support back myself. After various delays by 12:30 (when I should be wrapping up lunch), a rep says he will transfer me to a technical rep on my existing case information. Instead, he transfer me to a line filled with a computerized voice explaining I've attempted to connect to an invalid number, reciting off a long string of random letters and digits.

    8PM, still no rep has called. Write up this experience to get some satisfaction and closure out of the experience, as a warning to others.

    As a .NET developer, I'm finding it particularly ironic that Microsoft publishes countless articles on web development with e-commerce examples. They spend a billion dollars on advertising to attract you to a store that can't even retry or change a payment.

    For any of their competitors, I have no doubt that I would have instantly received feedback about a problem with the payment method. In a real system, I could have changed the payment within 5 minutes and status pages would have reflected a true status all along. Instead, I use my time and their money talking to half a dozen polite but useless people. People who either through ineptitude or well-meaning lies are steadily manufacturing another hater.

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    This was my exact same experience... when I called Customer Support, they told me that the pre-authorization on my credit had expired; but they couldn't accept another card.  I had to wait for an e-mail three days later.  When I received that e-mail, I couldn't get it to accept an alternate credit card, either.  I received the same error message you did.

    As I previously mentioned, Microsoft doesn't run the online store themselves.  They contract that out to a company called Digital River.  But it's still Microsoft's name, logo, and reputation, so they should handle the online store themselves.

    Until that happens, I won't be ordering through the online store again.  Fortunately, I live near a brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store, where the staff is friendly and helpful.  But sadly, that's not an option for many people.

    1 Posts

    Yep, had the exact same experience with Microsoft.. it is so similar it is scary.  I know of a few other people over on Whirlpool forums who are in the exact same situation.

    Ordered the 256Gb + touch Keyboard 20/10, Shipped by 29/10.  Pre-allocated the funds immediately on my CC (froze the amount I assume - available balance dropped).  

    Shipped on 24/10 - got excited, had organised for a delivery to work so I would not miss it. delivery failed, (thanks TOLL IPEC), it was moved to another depot for delivery, tried to pick up, they lost the package, found the package next day, did not deliver, attempted delivery late afternoon - finally got the package after about 6 calls to TOLL... guess what it was the touch keyboard ONLY!  Called Microsoft immediately, said WTF am I supposed to do with a keyboard without a tablet.. they said "so sorry sir" but the accessories were available immediately but the tablet was not.. calmed down, pulled the keyboard out and typed on it.. YAY..put it away.

    29/10 - shipping day for the tablet! huzzah! waited for email to say shipped - nothing

    30/10 - Called microsoft - asked why it had not shipped? they said "so sorry sir" it was delayed due to demand.  I said I know thats why I PRE-ORDERED, to avoid delays due to demand.  They said "so sorry sir, here have a voucher for $100 btw it expires in 90 days" you tablet will ship in 7 business days - 7/11/2013

    1/11 - Email at 5am - Order Cancelled. WTF... Called microsoft later in the day, asked why? It was declined by CC company.. Hmm I know how much is in the account so that was not the issue.   Called CC company - they had blocked it due to suspicious activity by Microsoft. Asked them to explain, they said it was because they tried to charge me twice once when I first ordered for $1600ish (tablet+kb) then billed me just for KB($149.99), then again on the 1/11 for just the tablet - essentially $3000 in total.  So they blocked it because it looked sus - at the time of the second transaction the first allocation of $1600 was still outstanding (no doubt they performed the second transaction immediately after cancelling the first which caused it to flag)

    Called microsoft - exploded at them, asked why they were performing the transactions like this, they said "so sorry sir" order cancelled, when can I get a tablet? Well since order was cancelled I would need to order from the website. I explained that they are not in stock... had no answer - put me on hold.  They said they would look into it - escalating it to "supervisor" for a call back.

    Now - waiting, seething, raging... considering options.  If I wait now - assumed ETA would be 15 Dec as indicated by countless articles.  During which pretty much every manufacturer in the world will be producing a windows tablet, 2 months is a long time during which prices will drop as more competition arrives.  Sorry M$ you lost me, stick to software - your hardware maybe good but your delivery sucks

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    Similar experience in the UK.

    Pre-ordered on the 19th of Oct. Promised ship date was by the 29th of Oct.

    Bank queried the transaction due to 'fraud prevention'. Gave it the green light the same day.

    Got an email on the 27th to update my payment information, did that.

    Keyboard shipped the 28th - no surface pro 2.

    Called support on the 1st of Nov and they promised shipment that day or the following Monday (4th). Nothing.

    Called on the 5th and they said the best thing to do was cancel the order and re-order it because the order was stuck in process. I made it very clear I wanted them to guarantee I would not lose my place in the queue for new stock. They said it would be fine .. until I heard the 'oh no' on the other end, a very quick apology saying there was no stock. They promised to call me the next day when they had stock and guaranteed that I would be given priority. Next day the called, put the order through and it's still back ordered.. no guarantee, nothing. Subsequent calls tell me all they know is I'll probably only get it in December.

    No one has been able to tell me why they missed the 29th delivery in the first place. No one has said, sorry we ran out of stock. None of the people I have talked to can tell me anything other than what I can see on the website - that's all they look at. What a waste of time.

    Rubbish, utter rubbish.

  • hey guys, i would really appreciate it if someone would tell me when the surface 2 will be available in Malaysia. thanks

  • nntb
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    i also like how more ridged it is... it makes typing on my belly as i lay down so much easyer

  • nntb
    2 Posts

    i am really happy with my surface pro i got back in feb.

    i recently picked up the back lit keyboard for the surface pro 2 and attached it and overall its a step up in terms of buttons.

    the touch pad on it for mouse stuff is however rough and not fun to use, but i do love the feel of my hands resting on the sides of it that fuzzy surface.

    backlit type keyboard next gen please made the touch pad portion smooth, for my fingers sake. thanks

  • KHollister
    6 Posts

    The Surface Pro 2 is a great piece of equipment.  However, trying to get one hasn't been a good experience.

    I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 2 (512 GB) back in September at  Earlier this week, I received an e-mail informing me there was a delay.  I called the contact number, and was told that the pre-authorization on my credit card had expired.  I offered to give them my card information again, but was told they couldn't accept it; I had to wait three days for an e-mail which would contain instructions.  I followed the instructions when I received the e-mail, but they didn't work - I received a website error, which was followed by an e-mail informing me that my order was cancelled.

    When I tried to order it from again, it says they're out of stock and will ship on December 15.  I've just waited a month, and now you expect me to wait another six weeks?

    I don't really want to blame Microsoft for this, as I know they contract Digital River to run for them, but in the end, it's Microsoft's name and logo on the site.

    I stopped by the local retail Microsoft Store, and the associates there told me they didn't have the 512GB Surface Pro 2 in stock, either (I suspect they're also wondering what's going on).  I told them my experience of trying to order online, and they told me that several other customers had reported the same problem. I'm going to order one through them; the associates there are great to work with, and right now, I trust them more than

    Again, I think the Surface Pro 2 is an awesome machine, but this experience is absolutely unacceptable.  If you're going to promote a product, it should at least be available on the release date, and easy for customers to buy.

  • mhowie
    1 Posts

    I have not found a comprehensive review/how-to guide for the (PC) Outlook user and how Outlook (2010, 2013) and Outlook RT on the Surface 2 can be synced. Is there a direct sync option (e.g., via one's local WiFi network) reminiscent of the old ActiveSync days with the Windows Mobile devices or is one limited to a cloud based sync strategy? Where can one find anecdotes from those syncing their Outlook between desktop and Surface or Surface 2 in a personal (non-corporate) environment? I'm concerned the syncing process between desktop Outlook and the Surface Outlook RT would be kludgy and perhaps unreliable? Thanks in advance for thoughts/advice.

    I am interested in the same thing, though with more of an emphasis on Word than  Office.

    Will I be able to access my Windows 7 desktop and other laptops? Through what methods? Can Surface 2 or Surface 2 Pro join a Windows Homegroup? Will communication work in both directions? Will I be able to run macros created on my desktop Office apps (Word especially) on either model of Surface? Will I be able to use Firefox and/or Chrome in addition to IE?

    Surface is very attractive, but it's issues like these (and others I've overlooked) are the kind of deal makers and deal breakers when considering a device of this kind.

    1 Posts

    There is nothing like ActiveSync for Outlook on the Surface RT or Surface 2.  Synchronization is performed via your Microsoft account.  Obviously, you'll need Outlook 2013 - not Outlook 2010 - on your desktop systems.  From my own experience, it works very well.

    Yes, you'll also be able to access other machines on your network.  

    I'm not sure about your question concerning Office macros on the Surface RT / Surface 2; but they'll work on the Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2.

    Lastly, you can run Firefox and Chrome on the Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2; but not the Surface RT or Surface 2.

    1 Posts

    Thanks for the info relative to syncing between one's various Outlook calendars...I'm curious why Outlook 2013 (vs. 2010) on the desktop is required to accomplish?

  • WizardTime
    1 Posts

    I would be a bit more excited about this event if all the products were actually available.  I tried to order Surface Pro 2 with 256 so I would get 8GB of RAM....   those are not for sale until December 15th.  A long wait if we are supposed to be excited about product today.

    1 Posts

    at least you didn't have it pre-ordered and were expecting it only to have your bank decline the order and then Microsoft cancel it without the chance to fix it.

  • W1k1n6
    2 Posts

    New PR: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • SYL
    3 Posts

    Please, give us more colors for the Touch Cover 2. I want a white Touch Cover 2 ! Pretty please with cherry on the top.

    3 Posts

    Another suggestion, based on my experience with my Surface Pro 1. The clear plastic cover for the rear camera is easily scratched, after almost a year of using the Pro 1 daily for personal and professional tasks. I often put it down on the table and write/draw/take notes on it like a paper pad, and now the clear plastic cover is scratched. All photos or videos are blurry because of that. If you could recess the clear plastic cover by 1 mm or use Gorilla Glass like the Lumias, it would solve the problem !

    3 Posts

    thats a good comment I might just cut out a screen cover and put it on it

  • W1k1n6
    2 Posts

    Which 21 initial markets? Is it so difficult to write this information?