Quick look – What’s new in Touch Cover 2

Quick look – What’s new in Touch Cover 2

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This has been a big month. A lot has happened as Surface 2 and Surfaced Pro 2 have come to stores in 22 markets. Looking over all the great stories from launch and retail events around the world, we wanted to share some of the rough gems we captured along the way, specifically a series of short interview videos from the Surface 2 announce event in New York back on September 23rd.  Tech news moves very fast, and it’s tempting to catch the highlights and move on to the next thing. These (semi-brief) videos each give a deeper look at some facet of what we’ve launched, including insights from the designers and engineers that built the products and examples from customers that use them in ways that inspire others.  We’ll post one each day this week.

The first in the series features Stevie Bathiche, Distinguished Scientist and head of the Applied Sciences team at Microsoft, talking about the refinements to Touch Cover 2. This is a brilliant accessory for any Surface , a protective cover that easily clicks on to your device, is more rigid, features a full QWERTY keyboard that is now easier to type on, backlighting, and gestures that make you more productive.


Try one for yourself at a Microsoft retail store or other select retailer in your area. Click here to learn where to buy, and stay tuned for more through the week.

Dan Laycock

Senior Manager – Microsoft Surface

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  • YoPop
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    The touchpad on the Pro2 keyboard cover is frustrating when trying to click and hold or highlight for copying/deleting. Samsung touchpad much better on their tablet keyboard accessory. Some of the workarounds don't seem to work well.

  • chriswong
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    After some more experimentation, I think the mouse ClickLock option is the best workaround to inconsistent dragging and selecting on the Touch 2 and Type 2 touchpads.  This allows you to grab objects by holding the left click down for a few seconds, then you can drag or select without having to hold the left click down, and you release the object by left clicking again.  It's been working out well for the last couple of days, plus it also carries through to Remote Desktop connections, so I only need to enable the mouse ClickLock option on just my Surface, and do not need to enable in each RDP session for it to work...

  • chriswong
    6 Posts

    Thanks, Matt!  I actually stumbled onto those settings the other day as well.  Disabling tap-to-click did not resolve my issues with dragging things and selecting text as I'd hoped.  I also just got the Type 2, and with the touchpads on both Touch 2 and Type 2, it's almost comical how bad those actions are.  With the same touchpad technique that I've used for 9 years or so, using my right thumb on the left click and right first finger to drag, it's as if the left click just disengages every time I attempt to drag or select things.  Changing things up to where I use my left thumb on the left click, and my right first finger to drag does seem to improve the consistency.  It just seems ridiculous that apparently nobody on the Surface team drags or selects things using the touchpad to where this issue made it all the way through to release of the v2 covers.  I'll hold onto these for a little while longer, and hopefully some kind of software or firmware fix can correct the issue, but if not, I think I'll be forced to return my v2 covers and continue using my v1 covers.  And whenever they are released, I'll give the v3 covers a shot...

  • @chriswong

    There is a setting available in the 8.1 modern setting application that can modify some of the touchpad behaviors.  Go to Devices & Settings -> Mouse and Touchpad.  The bottom setting controls the tap behaviors on the touchpad - just select the option to turn off taps and tap to click should cease to be a problem!

  • arrow22
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    Love the Touch Cover 2's typing experience, but the cover's touchpad is so bad, I'm most likely going to be returning my Surface Pro 2 and moving to a MacBook, where trackpads make sense.

    So many things wrong with the track pad: it doesn't immediately detect input (takes about half a second after initial contact, which feels like an eternity), it's absolutely tiny, has a high friction surface, requires pressure to use and for some crazy reason, "double tap and hold", a sequence that works on every trackpad I've ever used and which is very useful for dragging objects and scroll bars, does not work.

    I'll be bringing it in, hoping that at least some of these are a manufacturing defect with my unit, but I'm not hopeful. Really disappointed.

  • chriswong
    6 Posts

    Really like my Touch Cover 2, but we need an updated Trackpad Settings app.  Tap to click is one touchpad feature that just kills me and I need to disable it.  Click and drag to select text or draging files or icons around is just a terrible experience on many occasions because I can't disable tap to click...

  • When will the Type Cover 2 be available for purchasing in the US?

  • SYL
    3 Posts

    I really liked the white Touch Cover 1 and was looking forward to getting the version 2, but I really want a white version. Here's another vote for more coloured versions of the Touch Cover 2: white, orange, brown, leather, etc...

  • tN0
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    Will there be more colors for the Touch Cover 2? And will the new trackpad gestures also come to the first generation of covers?