Geek out with Surface and win!

Geek out with Surface and win!

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The possibilities with Surface really are endless. Whether you’re a self-identified tech enthusiast or an IT Professional charged with making sure that devices meet the needs of a demanding workforce, you’ll find that the potential to personalize, to configure, and to integrate Surface into the way you work exceeds that of any other tablet on the market. We’re thrilled to see each person’s story and get a glimpse of how powerful of a machine Surface really is for them.

Check out what this guy did, he took his Surface Pro and created a workstation of his dreams, complete with 4 monitors (5 if you count his Surface Pro). He even shows that he can play four YouTube videos full screen, while downloading Visual Studio 2012, and running a number of other applications without slowing down.

Another power user did a complete review of Surface from a developer’s perspective. He talks about how he can use Surface Pro to develop with Visual Studio.

We know that what we’ve seen is just a small sample of what’s going on, and we’re eager to hear more about how our tech savvy customers are using Surface!

Are you geeking out with Surface? Tweet us your unique Surface scenario with #geekoutsurface from November 18 & 20 for your chance to win* 1 of 4 Surface prize packs – there will be bonus points for pictures and videos . Watch for a post on the @Surface Twitter account at 10:00 am PT on November 18, 2013 that will kick this off – we’ll then begin taking your responses until 11:59 pm PT on November 20, 2013.

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Cyril Belikoff

Director – Microsoft Surface

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  • Rick Hall
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    I just saw this post requesting descriptions of Surface use.  Please run this again. I have a great set up and will send still and video of it in action, even from the airport! What a joy to continue using my Surface during take off and landing on Delta. I've waited years for the privilege of increased productive time on board. Regular laptops must remain OFF.

  • Josh_Bleil
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    I just want a Surface 2 for Christmas and idk if my parents can afford it

  • kenb6870
    2 Posts

    The true power of leverage can only be achieved if I get a Surface…then the world will be mine!!

  • john24
    21 Posts

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  • anidexlu
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    I can't access the legal terms and conditions... if you don't fix the link I don't know if I can participate!

  • kenb6870
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    I would link up the Surface Remix Kit and a couple of Keyboards to my Pro Tools and create some Killer Tracks!!

  • Sorry but this just doesn't make any sense. I've been using MS Windows since 3.11, and my main interest in PC's was the fact that I could do anything I wanted with them. That to me is what geeking out is, and that is why I stuck with PC's over say Macs for example. This interest has lead to my eventually becoming a network engineer and very much a power user.

    However with Windows RT, Microsoft has thrown that out entirely. It only runs software that MS approves. So how can you "geek out" with that? Geeking out to me means it should be hackable, but the Surface by design is not hackable at all. I was genuinely interested in MS's plans on supporting Arm until they announced it was walled garden only, and now I have no interest at all.

    Android is the only truly geek friendly mobile OS these days. If desktop Windows eventually adopts a walled garden approach as many suspect is the plan, then a day will probably come when I'll no longer use Windows at all.

    If you're going to truly stick to the walled garden approach, then your only hope is to appeal to the "hipster" crowd like Apple has - certainly NOT geeks. They've at least hit that niche and done it well, which works well for them. However Microsoft is trying to hit the geek crowd with a walled garden approach. When I look at how Surface is selling (or more precisely, how it isn't selling) it's really a no brainer.

    I think I speak for all geeks when I say Android is the true platform for geeks, and indeed even mainstream audiences. Windows RT is more of a platform for nobody in particular.

    Um when apple and android first came out they wernt that successful either. Yes android was successful because of the idea of a mobile OS. Apple also. They were successful because of their title, apple and ther expensive crap. Windows came in late in the game. That's why their not making it so well. I think EVERYTHING is good about the rt but the lack of apps.

    I don't know why the hell you start talking about windows RT.

    It is a Surface Pro which runs on Windows 8 Pro, on which you can install all your programs

    I love my Surface.  I first started with the RT and quickly realized that I would be able to do my entire job on a Surface Pro so I bought one a month later.  Now I have transferred all of my work data to my Sky drive and use my Surface pro full time as my work laptop.  I am just as productive as I would be on a normal laptop except I don't have to break my back traveling with a 10lbs laptop in my backpack anymore.  I had previously tried the IPad and with in days realized I could not be productive, all I could do was check email, surf the web and play with apps...not a plentiful work experience.