WE MAKE MOVIES and Surface partner up

WE MAKE MOVIES and Surface partner up

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We have been working for several months now with Digital Image Technicians, Writers, and Producers that are discovering the Surface Pro as a great tool for today’s film maker. In the past we introduced you to some of those film makers on this blog. Check out the cool work that the Diamond Brothers are up to, or see how Chayse Irvine, or Amanda Lippert are discovering that a tablet with the power of a laptop but the mobility of a tablet has a tremendous impact on the onset dailies and production workflow.

As part of my work I go down to LA quite a bit to meet with film makers and artists using Surface. I love it when my trips have me in LA on a Wednesday because that is when the team at WE MAKE MOVIES gets together. WE MAKE MOVIES wants to make the movie industry a better place. They are a collective of film makers dedicated to empowering each other to make movies. As a community they offer an arsenal of tools: resources, knowledge, and the support of a community of passionate people who want to make the work that inspires them. They have been around since 2009 and they growing fast. The WE MAKE MOVIES community has directly funded 18 films. In addition, more than 50 shorts and 6 features have been produced after being developed through the group’s workshops.

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I have been visiting their weekly workshops for the past 6 months or so and I am so thrilled to announce that Surface and WE MAKE MOVIES have finally partnered up officially. Surface is now the official technology partner for WE MAKE MOVIES. The power and portability of Surface Pro are perfect for today’s young film maker and the passion and community behind WE MAKE MOVIES makes this a wonderful partnership.

We are excited to be a part of their work and can’t wait to share with you some of the projects coming out of this talented group of creators.

Markus Weickenmeier
Manager- Surface

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  • professorf
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    We need an official movie app for the Surface 2! (I have both RT & Pro, but I like lugging around the Surface 2 better).

  • EricAltman
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    It's been an absolute pleasure having you at the workshops, Markus! Even more, for me, as the lead tech for WMM, it's been a definite pleasure programming new We Make Movies apps on the Surface in the Visual Studio environment. Working in XAML with C#, it has been a breeze to make the programs in my imagination come to life.

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    That is great to hear Eric! I love coming to the workshops when I am in LA.

    It was very cool to see Surface replace the paper sign-in process.

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    It's been a rousing success, and just the beginning!